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Top 5 Home Design Trends for Summer 17

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With the rise of social media, we are now constantly subjected to images of beautiful looking homes that we all wish we could replicate ourselves. As a result of this, it has lead us to be more invested and conscious about our homes and how we design them. Our homes are places that we all take pride in and the modern household is always changing, which can make it hard to keep up with what's going on. To get an idea of what it's changing to, we've listed the top trends that are hitting homes this spring.

Ditching the Digital 

Family time for the last decade has been on a decline with technology taking over in households. It's not only children that are responsible for this either as adults are in fact just as guilty of focussing their attention on tech. The change this year, which will be welcomed by many, is that now homeowners are looking for a digital free zone where they can escape to read a book, sit in peace or just to socialise with friends and family. 

With the removal of TV's, sound system and other digital distractions, this year we'll see the rebirth of the traditional living room. 

Bathrooms with Some Breathing Room 

Bathrooms are that one room in the house that often are decorated with practicality in mind with style following as the secondary thought. As a result, they have become a hoarder of clutter with people crowding the area with their various products and appliances. However, this spring it's time to take back your bathroom! People are now looking to rejuvenate their bathroom to get it feeling like a living space. The goal is to introduce some homey items such as chairs, fresh flowers and tables etc. to create a relaxing area that is perfect for taking your time to pamper yourself in, as if you had your own home spa. 

Adding Interest to Walls 

With design trends changing each year, people are apprehensive to spend a lot of money on redecorating every single room once a new season hits. It's unrealistic to think that every room can be fully redone each time, which Is why people are looking for ways to achieve that new, luxury feel without having to spend large amounts of money. This brings us to wall decals. Wall decals are massively gaining in popularity this year, as the modern and attractive designs can add that intriguing piece of detail to a plain wall. Easy to apply and to remove, there are decals for each room in the house that can portray ones' personality and create that contemporary aesthetic within the room. 

Bringing Outdoor Indoors

Don't be surprised to start seeing outdoor furniture and fabrics making their way into people's homes this year. Whether its in an orangery or living room, people are now taking their beloved outer items and putting them inside. With new stylish designs made for durability, people are now looking for quality that won't fade, which makes outdoor items ideal for the heavily used household rooms. Expect to see the use of cane furniture, bold prints, easy to clean fabrics, eco-friendly products and shade & marine fabrics. 

The Return of the Dining Room 

Another positive step for family orientated living is the return of the formal dining rooms. Recapturing that family life is a key trend this season and now the sit-down family meal is making a comeback and creeping back into focus. It's predicted this spring that homeowners will choose to keep their dining rooms instead of converting them into a multi-purpose rooms (office, media rooms, toy storage area). Getting the family around one table for a place to talk after their long days is step back in the right direction in home design.

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