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The Best Menswear Trends For SS17


Men's fashion is truly changing and becoming more open to extravagant clothing. More and more men are now dressing as they feel, especially with the new trends coming thick and fast. The gap is now closing and the men's fashion industry is just as big as womens, especially with the consistent trends and creative styles. To help you keep up with the creative demands of the mens fashion world, we've come up with the top SS17 trends!

Sportswear/ Sports Luxe

Streetwear is something that has drastically risen in popularity over the years. It was once associated with youths, however, designers have taken the change in sportswear in its stride. Tracksuits, especially grey joggers have become more technical, tailored and be mixed and matched with a number of smart, or formal styles, which include shoes, blazers and bomber jackets. It provides a minimalistic style, which speaks volumes. People are now becoming more and more inclined to buy designer tracksuits that are part of the sportswear, or sports luxe movement, so it's worth noting it isn't going anywhere for a while.

Cropped Trousers [Mens and Womens]


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In the UK it can be difficult to make your fashion match the weather, especially as it is most certainly gloomy a lot of the time. However, cropped trousers can provide the best of both worlds, with a summery feel, yet enough to cover up in the cold weather. It can be matched with pretty much every item of clothing that's in your wardrobe, which includes your smart t-shirts, bomber jackets, shoes, trainers and shirts!


The Shearling trend has been around since 2014 and looks as though it is here to stay for a while. With the heavy fitted, textured styling, it offers neat, tidy and contrast collars. It is more suited towards formal clothing, however, you can get as creative as you'd like and incorporate it into your everyday styles.

Denim On Denim?

Denim on denim was something that was frowned up in recent history, however, it has seen somewhat of a resurgence. Denim on denim is quickly becoming a trend, as much as tracksuits is, especially with the trending in denim jackets. It doesn't just have to be your jacket, it could be an overcoat, mac coat or even a denim sweatshirt that you include into your wardrobe. However, you'll need to consider adding in something a little different so that is offers some sort of contrast, which in turn will help you dictate the direction of your outfit. 

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