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Things Everyone Should Know About Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon Trading Game Pokemon Trading Game

During the peak of Pokémon's popularity, Nintendo launched a slew of fantastic tie-in games. One such game was the Pokémon Trading Card Game. This adventure game, which was first released on the Game Boy Color 14 years ago, is based on a real-world card game that is still popular today. To become the ultimate champion, players must capture them all — this time there are over 220 cards to find – and face eight gym leaders, exactly like in previous Pokémon games.

What is the Pokemon Trading Card Game?

The Pokemon Trading Card Game, or PTCG for short, is a Nintendo collecting card game based on the Pokémon series. It was first published in Japan by Media Factory in October 1996. Nintendo finally sold the rights to The Pokémon Company, and the game has been the best-selling toy in the strategic card game genre since June 2003. In 2017, it held an 82 percent share of the European strategic card game industry, and as of March 2020, it has sold over 30.4 billion cards globally.

What is the Process of Gameplay?

  • Players take on the role of a Pokémon trainer and battle their opponent's Pokémon with their own Pokémon. Players bring Pokémon onto the field and attack the Pokémon of their opponents.
  • When a Pokémon takes enough damage, it is knocked out, and the person who did it wins a Prize card. The major win condition is to draw all six Prize cards, which is generally the case.
  • Other methods to win include knocking out all of the opponent's Pokémon on the field until there are none left, or if there are no cards left to draw in the opponent's deck at the start of their opponent's turn.
  • Unless the card specifies otherwise, the player who goes first cannot attack on their first turn. After that, the players shuffle their decks and draw seven cards before playing one Basic Pokémon onto the field.
  • Both players can add up to five more Basic Pokémon to their "Bench" after they have at least one Basic Pokémon. The top six cards of each player's deck are then placed to the side as Prize Cards.
  • The game is divided into turns, with each player having the option to play new Basic Pokémon, evolve their Pokémon, play Trainer and Energy cards, and use Pokémon Abilities during their turn.
  • If the final damage dealt to the defending Pokémon is greater than its HP, it is knocked out, and the active player is awarded a prize card and their turn is completed.

Some Important Factors Related to The Pokemon Trading Card Game:

#1. Main Objective: The fundamental goal of this card game is to leave your opponent with no health points (HP). Battles using Pokémon Trading Cards are quite brutal. In the game, a fight between two players could result in death.

#2. Pokemon Battle: The Pokémon community was never given the option of using a human in a Pokémon combat. However, the amusing anime game Pokémon Trading Card Game allows you to choose a fight representative.

#3. Absence of Free Will: Free will isn't available on Pokémon cards. All characters in the Pokémon Trading Card Game are unable to experience sophisticated emotions, sensations, or decisions. Because Pokemon cards are merely pieces of paper, they lack personality, feelings, and sentiment.

#4. Fight to Death: Pokemon Card Battle is a recreation of a sporting event. You will enjoy this anime game play if there are clear guidelines for trainers to follow. Referees guide the players in this game, exactly like they do in actual combat sports. The power of the referee, however, is missing. The referee will not tell you whether or not to continue fighting.

#5. Best Starter Deck: The greatest beginner deck in the Pokemon Trading Card Game is Wave Slasher. If you're new to the TCG, this deck will be an excellent place to start. The Grass and Water types are well-balanced in this deck. This is a must-have deck for everyone who wants to win the battle.

#6. Prize Cards: With the 6 Prize Cards, the fun game becomes even more enjoyable. A Prize Card is awarded to the player who knocks down the enemy Pokémon. The winner is determined by the maximum number of prize cards.


Overall, the Pokemon Trading Card Game is a fun game to play. The Pokémon card game is a simplified version of the video game franchise. However, the game play includes full, limited, and half deck types at some point, capturing the attention of every player. 

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