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How to Detect Clogs in Sewer Pipes and How to Get Rid Of the Clogs

Sewer pipe blocks happen because people put in wrong and unwanted things into it. A normal household experiences a lot of visitors and children sometimes knowingly or unknowingly dispose off wrong things at the wrong places. Right from the food leftovers in the kitchen, to paper napkins and toys, there are numerous things that are readily thrown into the drains, leading to massive pipe blockage.

How to know which Pipe is clogged?

If you have one sewer pipe in the house blocked then it is just the house pipe that has clogged and is giving problems. But if you have multiple toilets, showers or sink clogged at the same time, then chances are high that the main sewer pipe of the house has been blocked. If you live in an independent house, you can call in the professional plumbers who use different tools like the sponges, drain cleaning snakes and also the drain cameras to detect the extent of the blockage and then to clear it.

How to unblock Sewer Pipe at Home?

You can resort to solving the problem manually by just taking home remedies and measures to unblock sewer pipe and just get it done yourself. Simple tricks are:

  • Unclogging Mixture: There are a lot of unclogging mixtures or powders with chemical properties to unclog the pores in pipes that are available in the market. This mixture essential decomposes the build-up inside the pipe and passing of water through it cleanses it off from the pipe.
  • Homemade Cleansing Powder: If you need a quick solution to your problem just pass baking soda and water through the pipe and wait for five minutes. And then drain hot water with vinegar though the pipe for the build-up to decompose and drain in itself.
  • Plumber's auger: You can use the plumber's auger on the pipe and try to create a pressure on the area that has been clogged, and then keep pumping it until the pressure gets released on its own and the build-up is pushed to the other end of the pipe, making it drain out completely.
  • Plunger: A plunger does almost the same work as an auger just that here there are no chances of getting your hands dirty. All one needs to do is place the plunger on the clogged pipe and keep creating air pressure into the pipe by regularly pulling and pushing the holder up and down, to flush out the debris that has accumulated inside the sewer pipes.
  • Cleansers: There are cleansers available in the market which can be used on a daily basis to clean the drains. They are to be poured on the sinks or pipe entrances and made to work for almost an hour after which a regular clean-up can be done.

What to do when the Home Remedies don't Work?

Home remedies are useful in solving the problems and staying with that for a few more hours shall unblock sewer pipe but if waiting for almost 12 hours is not solving the issue then you might just need an expert help.

With proper permission from the water authorities and local government and even supervisors you can hire men to watch into the manholes for cleaning the sewer pipes. However, before you hire a plumber to unblock the sewer pipes, you must know about his licenses, and whether or not he assures you about the guarantee regarding his work. It is also important that the sewer cleaning professional must have all the latest drain cleaning tools and equipments.

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editor on Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:37

I have an outside pipe that drains very slowly so I am spurred on by thought that there could be some product I can just run through it. It happens outside to clarify. Anyone know what product is best for this ?

I have an outside pipe that drains very slowly so I am spurred on by thought that there could be some product I can just run through it. It happens outside to clarify. Anyone know what product is best for this ?
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