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The only way to quit smoking!

The only way to quit smoking!

The only way to quit smoking

The day is Saturday 8th of December. The X factor final has just finished and I’m enjoying a cigarette in my living room. Whilst puffing away I realise that it may be time to quit. After all, my son is to be born in the early New Year, I had just acquired a new job and money is going to be tight for a month or so. I thought to myself that yes, it’s time to quit.

 Like most smokers, it’s next to impossible to quit “cold turkey”, so naturally I carried out some research to find the best product to use to wean myself off the filthy habit that is smoking. I did have some experience with various aids used to quit smoking in the past. I had used nicotine tablets, the nicotine inhaler and nicotine patches. None of these had worked for me. So having a short glance through the Google search engine, Electronic cigarettes’ or e-cigs popped up.

 There certainly are a lot of brands that I could’ve chosen, but I wanted a brand that was sold within reasonable distance from my home. Luckily for me one of the main brands website provided various local retailers from which I could purchase their product.

 Nicolites. My chosen product to be my nicotine replacement. The website advertises various different deals, different flavours and different strengths. I wasn’t bothered with flavours and specially modified e-cigs. I just wanted to purchase a high strength disposable nicotine replacement. Luckily for me the local newsagents only sold, low, medium or high strength nicotine replacements. Just under £7, (Due to the 50p card usage charge) spent, and away I went, adamant that this was it, the last time I attempt to quit smoking.

 The packaging stated that the E-cig contained 40 cigarettes worth of nicotine. This can’t be correct and this should have only lasted two days. I purchased the Nicolite on the Sunday, and it is still going after six days in my possession. Not that I’m complaining, not only am I saving the money that the website said I would, but I’m saving a lot more on top. Talk about value for money! One of the great features of this product is that it doesnt smell of anything, nor can you taste tobacco and it doesnt ruin your teeth and gums.

 Well I’m Six days into using Nicolites and I haven’t smoked a real cigarette since! I absolutely recommend purchasing this product if you wish to quit smoking. I have heard horror stories about similar products where the nicotine leaks into your mouth during inhalation! This is a strong product, with great value for money.




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Saturday, 17 April 2021

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