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The New 2012 Dell XPS 15, XPS 14 and XPS 13

[Editors note - this is an old blog post now so the technology has moved on so beware of performace claims that are no longer relevant - pretty much just admire the style !]

A suite of windows laptops that address many of the issues lacking given in previous posts. They seem to have gotten a lot right and have moved the price point into a new zone (are we spending more on our laptops I mean are we prepared and happy to do this these days)

What is lacking still : For me a matt screen that allows me to work outside is a must - even in some offices the lighting can glare of a dark background in reflective surfaces.
Showing the quality of the engineering, they really do want to traverse that 1000 pound price point, but they get close to the mac prices. If only they had a matt screen option I would buy !

The ports on the left are generous (beware the xps13 has no ethernet !)

The xps15 gets you an optical drive and a blueray as an option to enjoy on the Full HD screen (GLOSSY !!! arggg)

[and thanks for those gorgeous images tech radar ]




Update:  I have really been looking at no other laptops than these but hesitate due to throttle question marks which are consistent across early buyers of this laptop. And very poor wifi performance. This video helps to show the quality that this laptop almost delivers and it shows that it is probably overpriced IMO 


There never was a part 2 he gave up on the wifi ! Can you believe it.

I don't like that the keyboard is jammed into the middle island and no I dont like the waste on the mac book pro either. It seems nicer in the 14 inch. This would be my ideal apart from the poor gaming performance the dedicated chip isnt up to the job so if your looking for a 14 inch gamer look elsewhere. Even the 15 is not a gaming prospect with the throttle issues. Hopefully these 2 issues can be fixed with updates to the BIOS but I feel it isnt there yet especially for this kind of money. So my trusty older xps1530 is still grinding out the work while laptops get a refresh. It isn't hard to get the mix right just the people making the decisons on these specs need to be slapped I would be well happy with a more basic laptop if they had better screens mostly.

Update : found this and at first glance seems to have a lot of what I am looking for http://mysn.co.uk/xmg-a502hsc#2

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editor (website) on Saturday, 15 September 2012 18:14

Ask me why in the end I decided to go with a mac book air 13 inch ..

Ask me why in the end I decided to go with a mac book air 13 inch ..
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