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Celebrity Paparazzi Problems

Paparazzi, photogs, shutterbugs, no matter what you call them, lately they seem to be pestering celebrities more than ever. So what’s the matter with them you may ask? Are these celebrity photographers or nuisances to people who want to just live their life?

After the death of princess Diana was blamed on paparazzi, the whole world was in uproar. Angry at their behaviour, of hounding celebrity's every move. As the years have passed, it seems as if everything has blown over and the paparazzi are now more than ever out to get "that shot".

But who should be blamed, the paparazzi, the tabloids, or consumers? The reality of the matter is that when you become a celebrity, you are celebrated. Fans obsess about whatever it is that made you famous, whether that be reality TV, music, movies, or "being famous, for being famous". Regardless of how you got the fame, once you have it and you're hot right now, prepare to be the object of your fans affections. But where does it go too far?



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Most celebrities agree to taking pictures and many oblige the paparazzi. Many celebrities love the lime light, but when it comes to getting too close that’s when things go array. Most recently actress Halle Berry was caught on tape cursing at a photographer for stalking her daughter at school. Another recent incident involves Justin Beiber allegedly hitting a photog. And yet again, Alec Baldwin was last seen covered in a white sheet looking like a ghost trying to hide from those pesky paparazzi. Celebrities like drew Barrymore will tent a whole area to hide the happenings of her wedding....while Kim Kardashian will have it all on TV for show. So there are two kinds of celebrities. The ones that want the constant attention and those that don’t.

But it all comes back to the consumer. Yes the tabloid pay big bucks for exclusive pictures of celebrities, especially embarrassing ones. But who will buy these tabloids? Consumers, of course, me you...and if not us, certainly others will. So that picture of Alec Baldwin’s fiancé with her skirt up revealing she was wearing no underwear. And that picture of Snooki taking a fall, wearing too high of a heel while pregnant, yes tabloid pay for them, but then consumers buy the tabloids.

Celebrities need to understand they signed up to live under a magnifying glass....but remember ant under a magnifying glass will get burnt by the sun.

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Saturday, 30 May 2020

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