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Some of Wim Hof The Iceman Cometh

wim-hoff-iceman Wim Hof is the Iceman

‎Under The Skin with Russell Brand: #122 Wim Hof’s Corona Survival Guide on Apple Podcasts

‎This week on Under The Skin we have a returning guest, the incredible Wim Hof aka The Iceman. In this episode Wim talks about how his breathing techniques can be used to increase our immunity, our personal respiratory power, our health and our safety as well as, of course, having a huge spiritual di…

Wim Hof is a very interesting guy. 

I have heard of these cold showers and crazy techniques. Recently however I listened to him as he was a guest with Russell Brand on his excellent Under The Skin Podcast. I felt I needed to blog a part of it. I felt the same (with some fears) and pracy rather roughly what he was agonizing over..he was passionate about it. This guy doesn't lack passion.

I'm happy the whole economy stopped..

Australia was on fire 🔥 a billion animals killed 🐨 -nobody gives a shit

The Amazon is on fire🔥  -nobody gives a shit

Tsunami is happening, corals the reef 🐠 is dying -nobody gives a shit

Some people say something but in general things keep going...

People are staying insensitive, they are staying like blobs we have to take the helmet off take the blob out and show them life is happening..

there is life happening and it is beautiful

by Wim Hof (edited but the gist is real) 

When the news reporters just deliver what we ask for we have problems. The fires still burn the earth still struggles. We lose interest the news reporters turn to other stories. The fires burn. We move on cell phone glued to our heads fueling the blobs destroying our brains and reducing our immunity. Making us more robotic. Already forgotten no? It's ok you are a modern conditioned human.

I urge you to listen to the podcast episode and maybe to subscribe to Russell Brands Podcast as it's really good. I think we need to start to wake up, and this is the gift of the pandemic.


Wim Hof breathing tutorial by Wim Hof 

Wim Hof's on Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

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