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Puerto Rico Music influencing a global market

​Puerto Rico has had its fair share of musical stars you probably don't know them but you probably have heard of reggaton. Failing that then Salsa and Merengue are what you might hear in La Placita when enjoying some of the best latin spirit in the world. Make no mistake Puerto Rico is in touch with its music. It's neighbour has done well in trying to compete DR or Dominican Republic and for that you need to seach on Aventura.

Luis Fonsi
I first heard and was captivated by a music video by Lusi Fonsi while living in Roatan the TV channel was Ritmo Son Latino essentially a bit like a chart show for the Spanish speaking islands in the world. Listen to Por Una Mujer and others.

Aventura (Bachata) and Romeo Santos
I first got to know Aventura while travelling on a chicken bus going from Honduras to the border for a visa run. What made it special was a girl I was with and it melded me to the tune I have never forgotten.

Calle 13

Calle 13 - I just love the video that is atrevete (dare) Unfortunately for me these guys were a bit of a one hit wonder but what a hit (for me) think its those white dresses.

Tito El Bambino 
I was simply weirdly drawn to this artists work when he dueted with Beenie man that Jamacan dancehall hit monster. Check out flo natural for a cool video filmed in Jamaica with indian influence that is a fashion at the moment.

Modern Songs in my first trip to Puerto Rico
J Balvin Ginza

Fashion in Different Cultures
Botox or not ? This is the question


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