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BLUEYE Pioneer Underwater Drone | Reviews and Video

blueeye underwater drone

Diving to a depth of 150m is something that needed a specially trained kind of diver (a technical diver) or a submarine- UNTIL NOW!

This is a wired solution much like research submarines keep a contact with the surface. Developed in Norway by Pioneer this is going to be a bit hit with undersea explorers who can remotely drive the sub with HD camera from a boat or dockside etc. Inspection of oil rigs might have some challenges as the motors might struggle with heavy currents for example. How long does a charge last? It's more interesting to look at some videos first of the footage before we 'dive in' more. 

Fishing for Blackbelly Rosefish with the drone

Trying to find and fish for the blackbellies with Bjørn Florø-Larsen.

Marketing video for the Blue eye underwater drone.

A short underwater video at 140 - 120m discovering a rat or rabbit fish.

They discover by chance as the tail of a chimarea monstrosa comes into view, see the wikipedia page for this called rabbit or rat fish commonly.

A WW2 wreck shelters a wolf fish

Underwater colour replacement happens using software much like you can see in this technique linked. The spotlight is needed at depth which also helps to bring back colour at depth.

Applications can be for other than deep diving..

Here they take the blueye to Gran Canaria and the results of the video are impressive. What I notice a lot is how steady the footage is. Anyone who has tried (like myself) to do underwater filming will know that its hard to hold steady even with good buoyancy control. It makes me wonder what they are using to this effect. They state that it is using a hydrodynamic balancing design.

Battery time is 2 hours and it is replaceable. The system is wired to the surface where a buoy then transmits wirelessly to the controller that looks like a gaming controller.


We don't have any reviews yet as it is still in finals awaiting a release in Jan 2018 for a price point around $3500.
If by the time you read this and have a review or opinion please contact us and we will link to it here. Thanks. 

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editor on Monday, 09 October 2017 15:38
Latest news on the blueye- [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ipwmlk3qUM]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ipwmlk3qUM[/url]
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