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Top Wedding Planning Ideas

Dolly's candy cart

Are you currently planning your wedding? Are you struggling to find novel ways to celebrate that are fun but not too tacky? Here we take a look at some of the current wedding trends and suggest how you can incorporate them into a classy, traditional wedding.  


Antigua Honeymoons and Weddings

Getting married is a dream come true for many people and tying the knot in Antigua is even more.

Wedding days are for the bride and groom

If you are planning your wedding day it is likely that you have had a few sleepless nights over it. Whilst the majority of the planning is fun and exciting, there are many aspects that actually can produce slight worry and even anxiety. One of the factors that comes in high on the stress-inducing chart is the idea about trying to please everyone on your wedding day. It is likely you will be inviting along a lot of people to celebrate the day with you. Your guests may well all be very different - from elderly relatives, to friends with kids, to your parent's friends and your single mates - you will want to please them all.

Trying to plan a day that makes everyone happy is difficult but not impossible. Regardless of which way you decide to go though, remember it is ultimately you and your fiancée's day and you are the most important people to make happy. 

Some novel, but classy, ideas

In order to plan a wedding that suits 'everybody' you may want to consider some options that are new and fun but also have a classy edge. This means that your younger, adventurous friends are kept entertained but also appeases the older, more traditional generation.  

Wedding Candy

Everyone is a fan of sweet things and candy and wedding planners are taking full advantage of this fact! Many weddings currently involve the idea of some sort of 'pick and mix' station and guests seem to love it. You can even get very affordable wedding candy cart hire that will not break the bank. Another benefit of this choice is that you will likely have tonnes of candy left over to take on honeymoon with you.

Dolly's Candy Cart


It is highly likely that you have been inside a photo booth yourself recently. They are increasingly popular to find at festivals, nightclubs and even work do's. Due to this popularity, wedding photo booth hire is a growing business and you will be able to find one that suits your budget with ease.  

Photo booth hire is sure to keep all of your guests happy. Older couples will enjoy finding their inner child and playing up for the camera whilst the younger, 'selfie' generation will be more than at home pulling duck faces and posing with silly props.

If you feel like this idea has been done all too often, you can choose to mix it up a bit by selecting a slightly different type of photo booth. For example some companies offer vintage caravan photo booth hire which might add an extra element to your big day. 

A Free Bar

If you are unsure about offering your guests wedding candy, caravan photo booths or photography props then there is one option that will undoubtedly unite all of your friends and family - and that is a free bar!  

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