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Choosing The Right Bedroom Furniture To Enhance Your Sleep


Bedrooms are important for the purpose of rest and sleep. Believe it or not, a great bedroom is more than just having a comfortable and relaxing mattress to lay your back on. All of the furniture and decorations in your bedroom play a part in getting you in the mood for a great sleep. The lights, your bed sheet, pillows, and everything else in the bedroom should put you in a relaxed mood to prepare your mind and body for sleep.

One of the things you should keep in mind when choosing bedroom furniture is both functionality and the beauty of the pieces. Ideally, bedroom furniture should be pieces which are relaxing to the eyes but still perform its functions. For instance, a great looking closet with lots of detail, carvings, and maybe even a coat of paint which matches the rest of the decorations in the room would certainly look great, but it still does the main function of storing your clothes properly. You should apply the same principle in choosing other furniture pieces for your bedroom, like your bed, the dresser, as well as if you have any tables or chairs in your bedroom.

Another thing to keep in mind is colour. It is true that certain pieces of furniture which come in bold colours or are in contrast with the flooring like black and whites or maybe even a blood red seat may look great in a living room, but not so much in a bedroom. When you come into a bedroom, you want to feel relaxed and settled. The least you would want is a piece of furniture sticking out like a sore thumb in your view. Colours in your furniture and the rest of your room may seem like a great idea, but only if they are done harmoniously, which is very important in a bedroom.

The size of the furniture pieces in your bedrooms is also another thing you should consider. For those sudden times in the middle of the night when you had to wake up to attend to a crying baby, or you simply had to use the bathroom, finding your way without any lights on can be tricky if you have a lot of furniture pieces lying around in your bedroom. A great bedroom is one that you can easily find your way to the door, your bed, your closet, and the bathroom without stumbling over on anything. Make sure you have enough space to move around in your bedroom, and that the furniture is not taking over the rest of the space in your room.

Most importantly, choose your bedroom pieces based on the craftsmanship and the quality of materials used, as well as comfort. Not everybody has a spare bed in their house, and it is truly annoying to have to sleep on the couch because you purchased a faulty bed and now had to take it out for repair. Bedroom furniture should be pieces which are not only decorative but also durable. 

​Here are some lovely examples of stunning and unique beds that i have found:

​Quite a few companies compete in this market for luxury bedroom furniture and although many companies offer bedroom furniture a handful do stand out amongst the rest based on the quality and unique designs for sale. I have put together a small list of companies offering these kinds of beds based in both the USA and the UK, I will give the direct link to the bedroom furniture sections that contain the best items as these big players list thousands of items. So in no order of whose best here are the ones I have chosen:


Contemporary and Modern Bedroom Furniture | Homes Direct 365

Homes Direct 365 offer a collection of high quality contemporary and modern bedroom furniture all at extremely competitive prices

Beautiful Beds | French, Wooden & Upholstered Beds | Loaf

Our gorgeous beds come in a range of fab styles - French, upholstered, contemporary and storage beds. We can also guarantee they offer a great night's kip!

Happy hunting people!

by Dean.S
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Monday, 20 September 2021

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