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Breast shapes & bra style recommendation

​One bra does not fit for all, Whisper de Love summarized a few common breast shapes for women to better understand their breast shapes and bra choices

  • Round breast shape: full and round, nipples are pointed outward and parallel to the ground. Archetypical breast shape that most manufacturers use when designing new bras.Bra suggestions: all bra styles on the market will fit this breast shape.

  • Asymmetric breast shape: two breasts are not of equal size. Bra suggestions: plunge bras with removable pad can be a great solution. Use the larger side to measure bra size and place a pad in the cup of the smaller side.
  • Saggy breast shape: relaxed breasts with pointing down nipples. Bra suggestions: T-shirt bras, full coverage bras, push-up bras, and lift bras with wide straps will provide support to uplift bust line. 
  • Outward pointing breast shape: nipples pointing outward in opposite directions. Bra suggestions: plunge bras with closer center front gore, ¾ cup, and wider wings will push breasts closer together and rotate nipples' direction toward the front.
  • Small breast shape: thin breasts with less fatty tissue in them, little cleavage in-between the two breasts ( wide space). This shape of breasts tends to exist in the smaller cup sizes (c cup size or less) and keeps changing shape and size throughout your life, it is necessary to have a good bra to keep the breasts in shape. Bra suggestions: plunge bras will be a great solution as the bra will bring breasts closer together and embrace breasts to a round shape breasts. Over time, the breasts will be adjusted to a better shape. Push up will lift bust but not enhance cleavage.
  • Far apart breast shape: wide space between breasts. Common with smaller cup sizes. Bra suggestions: plunge bras will narrow down the space between breasts, touching breast cleavage is possible. ( For C cup and less). Any bra with narrower center front gore will bring breasts closer together (suggested for C cups and more).
  • Athletic breast shape: muscular breast base with less tissue, wide space between two breasts. Bra suggestions: soft cleavage enhanced plunge bars are recommended. 
  • Teardrop breast shape: round shape with smaller breast base. Bra suggestions: full coverage bras, T-shirt Bras, demi cup bras, and balconette bras. 

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    Saturday, 28 May 2022

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