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Menswear… for Women?

Menswear… for Women?

The androgynous look is a massive fashion trend for 2013 with the view of being a big part of 2014 looks. Women are taking on a more masculine style by wearing items that are inspired by men’s fashion. Sizing becomes irrelevant within this look, the point is to be bold with the items you wear and not to hide the fact you are wearing a man’s t-shirt or accessory.

So how do you create the androgynous look?

Boyfriend jeans have been around for a few years. Taking a side-line in the denim seasonal ranges. But with the androgynous look coming into full force they make up a big part of the look. When going for the casual style they are ideal. Worn with a plain t-shirt and a leather jacket you can easily imitate the relaxed male trend.

Women can wear any male fashion accessory. Leather bracelets, oversized watches and even bowties can be the perfect finishing touches to an androgynous inspired outfit.

The jumper is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. The last two seasons have introduced printed and slogan jumpers for men. This is perfect for the female interpretation of male style. The Christmas jumper is a garment typically worn by men and now women can take on the trend, the more outrageous and eye catching the better. This is why the Morphsuits Christmas Jumper is so popular. The use of a smartphone brings the jumper to life quite literally and you can sport a carolling cat or a crackling roaring fire. Just like a man would…

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Fashion is all about personal perception. Fashion is far from a man’s world with women so freely taking over the androgynous look and doing so with genuine style…

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