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Home Exterior - How to Pick the Best Color for Your House?


Whether you are building a completely new house, doing a major renovation, or just simply repainting your exterior, you need to find the right color in order for your house to look stunning. This can sometimes be extremely hard as there are several factors to take into account. Luckily for you, we made this quick guide of everything you need to know when picking the color of your home's exterior.

Look around the neighborhood

You should consider the colors used in your neighborhood. Are all the color schemes similar? Are most of them different and custom-made? This can help you make up your mind. If you notice that there is a uniformity among your neighbors, don't be the one to break the mold. You can go with a color that blends in while still being unique. For example, instead of white, opt for ivory. Additionally, if you plan to drastically change the appearance of your house, check whether you need any permits.

Think about your aesthetic

This is logical. You should not go for a color that does not suit your lifestyle. If you love pastels, go for it. In case you've always loved darker colors, incorporate them. Moreover, if you've built your house in a specific style, you can opt for colors that best compliment that style. If you have a Mediterranean-inspired house, sun-kissed browns or terra cotta oranges could work great.

Coordinate with your roof

Seeing as how roofs come in many different materials and colors, you should look for a color that would go well with the hue of your roof. They don't need to match but should be in harmony. You can go for a lighter paint if your roof is darker and vice versa. However, going for a slightly lighter shade than the roof is also an option. If the roof has several colors, choose one that you think will work best. In any case, make sure that the colors don't clash.

Incorporate other features of your exterior

Are there any areas of your home's exterior that will not be painted? Is something made of brick or stone? Do you have natural wooden or PVC doors and windows? Take these colors into consideration as well. Same as with the roof, try to find something that can harmonize well with the already existing features.

Connect with the indoors

Another way to go is to base your exterior color scheme on the interior one. If you already have a dominant hue throughout your house, you can extend it to the outside as well. It doesn't have to be completely the same; you can go a bit lighter or darker depending on the previous features we mentioned. This way, you can create a unified look of the entire house.

Contain feature colors

Trends come and go, but your house exterior can last for a really long time. So, if you opt for something that is popular at the moment, you should probably incorporate it just as an accent piece. Additionally, put it in an accessible place so that it can later be easily repainted.

Turn to professionals

As much as we try, sometimes we are just not up to the task of picking the right color. Thankfully, there are many experienced specialists that can help us decide what would go best with our houses location, style and vibe. If you live in NSW, finding a reliable and professional painting company in North Shore is quite easy. Not only will the pros help you decide, but they will also paint your house and clean up after themselves. Don't forget to ask them about guarantees and how long the paint is expected to last.

Hopefully, these tips will help you choose the right color for your exterior. However, don't hesitate to turn to the experts if you see that you just can't make up your mind.
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