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Be Creative - 5 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas


There isn't a perfect formula that will allow you to create a beautiful front yard without any effort, but it doesn't mean that you can't achieve wonderful things if you are willing to work hard. It doesn't matter if your front yard is small and cozy or huge and a bit wild, you can transform it easily by using some of these landscaping ideas we've put together for you:

Stylishly protect your privacy

First things first – just how protected and secluded your need your front yard to be? There's an entirely different approach to landscaping between front yards which are "visible" from the street and the ones that are hiding behind high fences. Probably the best way to find the balance between the two is to allow the main gate to discreetly reveal the way to your porch, thus showing a part of your front lawn but not too much. If you'd like to keep your yard private but don't want fences and gates, tall hedges are the best solution, as these are "natural fences" you will love.

Green it up

Let's face it – every front yard looks much more inviting and welcoming when it's covered in plants, herbs, and flowers. We aren't saying that you have to turn your yard into a jungle or a wild meadow in order to make it look beautiful, but you'd be surprised to discover just how much a simple rose bush will contribute to its look. If you have a neat front lawn and don't want to change that, we suggest you plant flowers alongside your patio or ivy next to your hedge. Taking care of plants is soothing, and you'll be happy to know that marigolds, sunflowers, succulents, and bamboo are among the easiest plants to grow so it won't be too much trouble for you.

Ways to divide areas

There are lots of different ways to separate your lawn from flower beds and shrubs from the children's playground. You could leave a small part of the ground, grovel, or even bigger rocks, or you could even get a hold of cobblestones or outdoor tiles from natural stone tile providers. You could even mix and match several of these to create interesting patterns which will look very effective from a distance. They will be a nice border for your perfect lawn, and bigger rocks might prevent your children and pets to play there. In fact, if you divide your front lawn, you can create zones where your children will safely play and the other where decorative flowers and other plants will peacefully grow.

Create a focal point

Most people feel that focal points of front yards have to be in the form of flowers and trees, but it isn't necessarily so. There is more than plant material that you can use as a focal point, but you have to choose carefully. You can set up a pergola and use it to support vines, or you can even try hardscaping. If all else fails, there is nothing better than a simple and delicate bird fountain in a shade of a tree.

Pretty lights

When you put so much trouble into designing and decorating your front yard, you naturally want to show it to the world, and what better way to do it than by expertly lighting the said yard? Small solar lamps along your path will help you stay safe and avoid accidentally tripping in the dark, while a mixture of different path lights will give your yard a more Boho and exotic look.
The way you designed and decorated your front yard will say a lot about you as a homeowner, so you should make an effort and try to keep a nicely landscaped front yard. This way, your guests as well as passers-by on the street, will not be able to resist falling in love with your little oasis.
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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

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