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Herbalife Blogger in Florida: Planning A Meal Out When On A Diet

Tips When Eating Out Tips When Eating Out

 We all know that feeling. Going to a fancy restaurant, dressed up to the nines, looking fabulous. There's one potential problem – my diet.

West Palm Beach Herbalife | Herbalife Distributor West Palm Beach Florida

Exceptional weight loss coach for residence in Florida. Follow Marlene Rice step-by-step plan and achieve you goal. Ideal for women and men of all body types. Start today and see result in just four weeks. Marlene says: I've helped hundreds of clients to lose weight. I'm based in West Palm Beach but work nationally too

I've been working with Palm Beach Coach for just over a month. Marlene Rice is a Herbalife Distributor for West Palm Beach, Florida. Her clients reside in Palm Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Key Largo, Sarasota... In fact, every county in this beautiful sunshine state. She's helped clients from across the globe and brushed shoulders with celebrities, too.

Herbalife Distributer Florida

Marlene is exceptional. If you want to lose weight, whatever body type, she can help achieve your goals. I've worked with a lot of people such as life coaches, fitness experts, you name it but I have never met such an inspiring, motivated and beautiful woman. She has a personality like no one else.Professional, motivated, with a sparkle which makes weight loss so much easier than I thought. I'm part of a team and love her unique approach. What can I say: ''It's working for me''. 

A friend told me about her website: Palm Beach Coach. I took advantage of a free yoga class run by her good friend Yariv Bar. He is amazing. 

After the class, I asked about the diet plan and joined. I tried one of the protein shakes that evening. It tasted better than I thought! Marlene is so funny, generous and always goes the extra mile.  

I've been hitting all my targets - following my step-by-step Herbalife diet plan.Marlene also helped me with fitness tips. The weight loss plan is very simple to follow. Basically, two shakes a day and one main meal. In truth, I don't need to calorie count.  

However, I didn't want all my good work to go to waste or slip into bad habits. 

I said to Marlene: ''Do you have any tips when planning a meal out with friends?'' 

4 Top Diet Tips:

Do You Know -

Restaurant menus may show the calories for a meal. However, you may not have realised they are only estimates. Ask for additional information if you need it.

Use Common Sense -

It's too easy to think ''I'm going out so anything goes''. You know that isn't the answer. So keep away from fries and fatty foods. Grilled protein dishes or fish are ideal with a selection of vegetables.

Beware Of Condiments -

So you ordered the salad. But how many calories does that dressing contain? It can often be more than the salad itself! Also, don't forget if drinking alcohol you are consuming more calories.

Just Ask! -

Yep, if in doubt - just ask. Did you know that restaurants must provide you with all the information you need to know about your meal or beverages. Total calories, total fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrates, sugars, fibre, and protein. Don't be afraid of asking questions. 

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Thursday, 25 February 2021

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