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First 5 Things a Man Notices About a Woman


​If you've ever wondered what a man actually notices when he sees you for the first time or what it is exactly that makes him turn his head when he passes you on the street, then you're not the only one. This is a question that women all over the world have been asking themselves when trying to attract a man, without even realizing that the answer is quite clear and simple. Here are the first five things men tend to notice when meeting a woman:

1. The beauty of her smile

​As humans, we are innately attracted to gorgeous, pearly white smiles, as they are a sign of proper hygiene and good health. However, there might be more to a smile than just biology, as women that smile and laugh more often are usually perceived as fun, happy and optimistic. Men consider them to be more attractive and much more approachable, and are more inclined to start conversations with smiling women. Considering your smile radiates confidence and exudes positive energy, don't forget to smile and laugh as often as you can when trying to attract a man. And of course, make sure to take proper care of your dental health as well.

2. The look in her eyes

​It's often been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and there's more to that phrase than you might think. Your eyes can say a lot about your personality, from expressing your emotions to clearly telling the person you are speaking with whether you are being honest and genuine or not. What's more, the eyes are just like magnets, easily attracting the interest of a person, which is why it comes as no surprise that your eyes are one of the first things a man notices about you. So, if you want to make a connection and attract a man, make it a point to maintain eye contact with him for a couple of seconds, and throw in a little smile for an added bonus.

3. The volume of her hair

It turns out that all those hours you spent in your stylist's chair getting your hair colored, cut and styled just the right way might not have been in vain – men do actually notice your hair. Not only do most men think that sleek, healthy and shiny hair is a sign of youthfulness and good health, but they're also incredibly attracted to long and luscious locks with a lot of volume. So, if you want to add more length and fullness to your hair in order to attract a guy, it might be a good idea to opt for quality Russian hair weaves that will enhance your natural texture and catch the attention of any man with just a simple seductive flick.

4. The shape of her body

Don't get fooled into thinking that your looks are all men care about, and try to cut them some slack, as it seems that biology is truly the most important factor when explaining why men pay so much attention to our bodies. The truth is, larger breasts, a smaller waist and wider hips all signify youthfulness and fertility, which is why a lot of guys are instinctively attracted to those attributes. However, as with most things in life, tastes do differ. So, don't worry too much about the size and the shape of your body; the right man will only care about how you use it.

5. The way she dresses

While looking at their bodies, men also tend to pay attention to a woman's sense of style, even though this might come as a surprise to most girls. While they mostly aren't fashion critics ready to dissect your entire outfit, they will notice what you wear, how you choose to wear it, as well as how comfortable and confident you feel in your clothes, as all of these aspects are a reflection of your individual taste and style, and can tell a lot about your personality to a man. So, if you want to radiate self-esteem, femininity and class, try to enhance your personal style, in order to attract the ideal man.

While aspects of your physical appearance might be the first thing men notice, your personality is what wins them over, so above all, don't be afraid to be truly and unapologetically yourself.

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