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Fast Diet and Some Radical Re-thinking on Losing Weight Fast.

Everyone is different and has different goals. As explained in the book The Fast Diet a little like the author Michael Mosley I am a tofi thin on the outside and fat on the inside. Though I did have excess fat, my fat started to add in new areas from my male belly area to my back and pectorals - yuk.
And the key for me is that I have never really dieted at all before. I am keen on keeping fit but my world at the moment doesn't afford me the time to do enough and slowly (so as I didn't notice) and to allow me to eat and drink as I like to be happy. So I knew at some point I needed to do something.

I didnt like the idea of a diet mostly due to their ever too common unsustainable nature and how people YOYO on them. What's the point in going up and down - I suppose you might argue that while you are going back to where you were at least you are not worse..still not an ideal situation for all the sacrifice and hard work. 

So at random my partner mentioned this new book and 'diet' not for me to diet as just in passing really and she thinks that I don't need to loose wight (though as I say I know I'm not healthy on the inside as much as I might be). If someone is well based to review diets she is, having tried almost all of them.


The Fast Diet by Michael Mosley Medical Journalist @DrMichaelMosley

I wouldn't be writing about a diet and I think this blog is about more than that as I want to share the experieces for me 5 weeks in.

Some key points that I MUST share

  1. I don't get hungry and not the day after a 'fast' day either very surprisingly.
  2. It taught me to appreciate that its not hunger more habbit - I was eating as something to do. Smokers often say giving up is hard to do my fingers need to be doing something.
  3. I now understand my body a LOT more - and how much energy I can store and use, I excercise on fast days !
  4. I am loosing weight doing something that I can easily sustain.
  5. I am benefitting by the myriad of other ways that I started on this program for - better brain function and slowing the onset of 'brain drain' fighting the likelyhood of diabetes and heart disease. There are more many more unprovan benefits.
  6. Fasting doesnt mean you dont eat ! Men get 600 calories and women 500.
  7. Get out of the old adage that not eating makes the body go into STARVATION MODE - I haven't seen evidence of this.

How to Intermittent Fast and the nuts and bolts of this 5 2 diet

Mosley has done his research and has applied his rationale to come up with a healthy 5:2 split - instead of every other day fasting you pick 2 days. For me I chose Mondays and Thursday - make sure you get the spacing - don't put the days together.
One key is realising that you will eat and have enough food to not feel hungry. If the work is anywhere its working out how many calories something is and for that I can recommend and app to know exactly what calorific cost each of the foods on those days is.
And on the normal days eat normally and enjoy the foods you like. In this way I really don't feel like I am missing out nor sacrificing.

It annoys my partner that I didnt weigh myself but for me its about a look and feel and this also will help you get out of the YOYO pattern that is dealing with a weight. Besides I am also putting on some muscle. After 5 weeks I can tell you that for me it is working better than I could have imagined. My old back definition is coming back and I can feel a spring again in my step. I can also see an overall difference. After 2 weeks I did weigh myself and found I had indeed lost weight about 5 lbs. I might weigh myself again but I dont want this to be the thing nor my goal.

I didn't do the complex MRI scan that was done by the author in the book so its not possible to tell my body fat percentage but I am a firm believer in this and to be honest have been interested in trying 'fasting' for some time. One day just for the hell of it I didn't eat at all. But it is the bodies reaction that is the most pleasant and surprising thing. You wont feel hunger and it makes you realise just how little food you need and what your body can store.

For more info click on the book or visit The Fast Diet Site

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