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Bedroom Curtains Designing Ideas for Your Home


Are you fed up with the same boring bedroom look? And looking for trending bedroom ideas for 2020. There is always a room for making changes and modifying the present look. Curtains are the first thing to be changed, changing a curtain gives an entirely different look to your bedroom. Curtains of fresh colors and floral lining and plain net curtain add to the beauty of the room. Walls with dark color painted on them usually do not reflect light, therefore curtains in light colors should be used for the brightening effect. Bedrooms are classified as master bedrooms, baby rooms, men's bedrooms etc.

Here are some ideas to make your bedroom look more vibrant and elegant.

Master Bedroom curtain:

Master bedrooms are large rooms with king-sized beds, sofas or chairs. Curtains can be plain, floral, or animated. It is suggested to use the curtains which make the suitable combination with the furniture and paint of your room.Curtains with neutral colors, patterns, linings and net are combined in different ways to give a more vibrant effect. It is best to use double curtains for master bedrooms because they give a luxurious and expensive look. Net curtains with velvet lining are the best choice. Curtains can be used alongside the bed, windows and door. For a windowless room, you can use panels across the ceiling to complete the look. Doing this may cause extra charges. If the room has long windows it is preferred to use the long, wide and light weight curtains.

Small Bedroom:

Who says to put the curtains on the door and windows only? You can hang the curtains as a divider from one side to another side of your bedroom. It hides the bed when opened and gives you more privacy. It is one of the best ways to create a separation for your bed rather than creating a wall or door.It not only acts as a privacy thing but also gives your room an elegant and classy look. You can use curtains of any fabric (velvet, cotton, linen, blackout etc.) for this purpose. For windows you can completely cover to hide them or just use a striped curtain to allow sunlight brighten up your room. Curtains can be hung from the ceiling too.

Baby Bedroom Curtain:

As far as baby bed rooms are concerned, it is not necessary to use the curtains with animated cartoon character prints only. You can give a different look to the room by adding plain curtains with soft colors and blinds. Blackout curtains are a good choice, because they block out the light, reduce noise and dust. Providing a perfect environment to the babies. For a baby girl's bedroom use curtains with floral prints and bright colors( soft pink, sky blue, peach, mauve, beige) whereas for baby boy's bedrooms use plain or block printed curtains in lemon, sky blue, light-grey, off-white, and cream color. If you use the light color curtains use tiebacks of darker shade of the same color family. Use linen, cotton or blackout curtains for baby bedrooms.

Men's Bedroom Curtains:

Most men like manly colors i.e. black, warm-grey, navy-blue, off-white and shades of brown. For the bedrooms having off white walls navy-blue curtains is a suitable match. Similarly, warm-grey curtains fits with black painted walls.For grey bedrooms, curtains in metallic colors should be used. Blackout curtains can be used in men's bedrooms for their properties of blocking light and creating a more sober effect.

Basic Rules for Selecting Curtains That Apply To Every Bedroom:

Some basic rules are given below that are of equal importance whatever the bedroom it is.

●Select the curtains which are one shade lighter or darker than the paint of your room.

●Curtains should match the furniture, bedding style and the interior.

●Don't use the outdated styles, look for the trending ones.

●Use lining to increase the durability of curtains.

●Try Combining different styles and colors.

●Don't run after branded and expensive ones rather look for unique and perfect curtains.

●Use accessories and other embellishments.

●Hang the curtains with a strong metal/plastic rod/railing.

●Choose the according to the bedroom type.

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Cover Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels

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