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Best Show Stopping Celebrity Hair styles

Celebrities are often the people who bring new style to the forefront. Sure, the looks might be around well before they rock the new dos, but until someone from the silver screen shakes up the red carpet with the new look, many people just are not able to see the look until then. That is why, when a celebrity steps out of their car and into the spotlight, often times all eyes are on their hair style and clothing. For anyone who is looking for a new look, these are some of the best out there, and no matter what your hair type is or what look you are going for, you are going to find exactly the perfect style for your own creative look.

Long Bob

For the long bob look, check out Reese Witherspoon. The long-bob is actually a middle length cut. She features a cut style that is straight at the back, but when worn curly, it adds exceptional volume. She doesn't have any bangs with a side part, but the combination of curls and product give her a show stopping look. Plus, curls mixed with highlights and low lights make it even that much more dramatic.


Bangs are all the rage right now, and while you don't want to go with the 80s bangs that used half a can of hairspray to keep it in place, you can still rock the look without feeling like you have a crisp wall defending your forehead. Katy Perry has always had fun with her look, and while she isn't wearing blue hair now, she is showing off her bangs. Katy Perry is currently showing off a textured bob cut, with her hair tapering off right below the jaw line and her bangs and there, right above the eyebrows. This is an excellent way to elongate the neck and to both draw the attention to the eyes, as the hair essentially centers the look around the eyes.

Deeper Shade

A deeper shade hair color is becoming ever more popular. About a decade ago everyone wanted to be blonde and showed off platinum looks, regardless of their original hair color. However, while natural blonde is always in, the fake blonde is starting to go the way of the dodo. Instead, a darker, deep brown shade is actually in, as it looks more exotic. People want to look like they have been to and are from a far away location, and one of the best ways to do this is through their hair. Megan Fox, while she hasn't appeared in a movie in over a year, does this best. Her very long hair, cut around the middle of her back, doesn't feature many curls or have any bangs, although it is layered beautifully in order to give it some volume. Her hair is also slightly darker than what it naturally looks like, in order to aid her exotic look. While longer hair does require more maintenance in order to keep it smooth and healthy, it is worth the effort.

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