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Aidonia + dancehallofwar endorsed by GAMERDJ


Yep great lyrics (cornerstone of the dancehall genre of today) but also that gravelly voice mistaken by the editor for that dancehall legend himself beenieman! These guys dont mince words and hence don't make mainstream culture- how are you going to market this? The reality is that they do two versions clean and raw...many don't get so far as a clean version. Often loosing a small amount of lyrical smut isn't so detrimental. And the Vybez Kartel can do this..

listen to the awesomeness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fHYch3GzeE and understand why I needed to cut some gamerdj here

Well maybe you like to watch gameplay at the same time? enter GAMERDJ

Gamerdj dancehall part 1

Gamerdj dancehall part 2

Gamerdj dancehall part 3

Gamerdj dancehall part 4

Gamerdj dancehall part 5

I wanted to save a draft and finish this properly but cant find the button so as in the music its getting raw publish which is kinda fitting. It's a work in progress.

1.Vybz Kartel - Hold Me
2.Aidonia - So Good
3.Vybz Kartel - Freaky Gal
4.Vybz Kartel - So Much Gal (the gruffalow voice is what me likes..nobody know half gyal ?)
5.Vybz Kartel - No Bed (ride it gyal til ya nok out but not ded)
6.Alkaline - Bruk Out Remix (ya panties nervous evry time ya wine yer ass  - get up to speed xfactor !!!! 4 exclamaiton marks flight of the conchords)
7.Vybz Kartel - High
8.Vybz Kartel - We Have It Lock
9.Mavado - Weed & Hennessy
10.Vybz Kartel - Decibels (its a dark chocolate this voice huh)
11.Beenie Man - Drop It (you got to think he influences many - a great impromptu rapper alngside the voice, he is a king of dancehall)
12.Mavado - Body Good
13.Popcaan - Be Like Me
14.I-Octane - Grow So
15.Konshens - God A Mi Don (dig this one no fear no wear ! )
16.Beenie Man - My Life (do same - live your life for YOU be selfish and have room for the rest then perfect J)
17.Jahmiel - I.D.G.A (great great great - a backing riddim here to follow again dandcehall of war uses this well and ajusts the pace)
18.Popcaan - Its To Bad
19.Alkaline - Enjoy Yuh Life
20.Busy Signal - Aright (a very good part of this mix and changes it from being what it was before..)
21.Busy Signal - Still Lock The Street (syriah announce influencial key change - noticed during running a lot when you need it)
22.Melloquence - All Gyal ( from the bhamas to philly ..eagles go figure but respect very much the boundaries like virat kohli)
23.Agent Sasco - Wake Up
24.Aidonia - 80s Style (I am not sorry that the taliban made it finally into lyrics in a deep song if I may say fir this genre again this is another turning point in the mix - me liky, is it to do with 0's style tell me ...tell Aidona if you dare)
25.Aidonia - Tip Pon Yuh Toe (made me think this was beenie man - similar voice)
26.Aidonia - La La Land
27.Vybz Kartel - Marijuana Gone To Bed (impossible to ignore this inmate)
28.Vybz Kartel - No Games (without a doubt editors fave - of the whole lot)
29.Alkaline - 123
30.Alkaline - Things Me Love
31.Stein - Fling It Up - slam it down like a domino - if you want to find culture head to the caribbean im glad they still play such craft in the outdoors and indoors - #betterlife.
32.Mavado - Bruk Out - and then who better what other choice to follow ?
33.Aidonia - Never Never - contact me personally to know if I ever ever did never never...
34.Agent Sasco - Start War - like all but start war lyrics - unless we talking north of the 38th parallel - then its a question of freedom of a race. Ok hack styke review now...im just saying you gus suk badly. Freedom that we have today is grace of brave people - they  << click that to see some - or go to france belguim etc and see the graves for your freedom. didnt lay down for the bad people before let us not lay down right now..
35.Konshens - Anyweh
36.Popcaan - Talk Mi Business - a great example or why dancehall is varied. Will write better after mount gay.
37.Bugle - Good & Bad
38.Blak Diamon - Stay Dreaming
39.Alkaline - More Than A Friend
40.I-Octane - My Mother
41.Busy Signal - Sen It On
42.Agent Sasco - Anyweh Di Girls Deh
43.Capleton - Hamma Ben
44.Bawse Dawg - Cant Stop Mi Glory
45.Deablo - Who Shall I Fear
46.Elephant Man - Nah Go Dweet
47.Demarco - Bun It Off
48.I-Octane - Bwoy Yuh Deaf
49.Chase Cross - Thunderball
50.Stein - Tek Weh Yuh Gal
51.Versatile - Straight
52.Mavado - Movie Star
53.Aidonia - She Like Me
54.Aidonia - Bruki 
55.Aidonia - Summer Sun
56.Aidonia - Caribbean Girls
57.Blak Ryno - Bike Back
58.Vybz Kartel - Go Go Club
59.Mad Cobra - Nuh Other Way
60.Charly Black - Happiness
61.Di Genius - Empty Di Bar
62.Jah Vinci - My Love
63.Popcaan - Unruly Rave
64.Iyara - Broad Out
65.Masicka - Real Gyallis
66.Vybz Kartel - Me In Love
67.Tommy Lee - In The Nite
68.Mavado - Mr Tek Weh Yu Gal
69.Tommy Lee - Bun Nu Nu
70.Hawkeye - Position Fi Mi
71.Mr Diamond - Dem A Sissy
72.I-Octane - Buss A Blank
73.Vybz Kartel - Business
74.I-Octane - Inna Dem Blood
75.Busy Signal - Feel Like
76.Mavado - Carpet
77.Mavado & 3 Star - Badman Ova Yah Suh
78.Demarco - Owna Don
79.I-Octane - Yute Fi Have Tings
80.Mad Cobra - Di Baddest
81.Jah Vinci - Stay Far
82.Chase Cross - Naah Beg Fren
83.Mad Cobra - Dis Dem Anyweh
84.Bugle - Mi Nuh Like Dem
85.Mavado - March Out
86.I-Octane - Nuh Care Who Vex



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