Aidonia - missed this fish caught after re trolling



Yep great lyrics (cornerstone of the dancehall genre of today) but alos that gravelly voice mistaken by the editor for that dancehall legend himself beenieman ! These guys dont mince words and hence dont make mainstream cu;ture - how are you going to market this ? The relaity is that thet do two versionsclean and raw...

listen to the awesomeness here - and understand why i needed to cut some gamerdj here

Gamerdj dancehall part 1

Gamerdj dancehall part 2

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Call of Duty is Back ADVANCED WARFARE

Call of Duty is Back ADVANCED WARFARE

Kevin spacey wrinkles crows feet meticulously modeled in 3d for your authoritative leadership

It looks like for me a return to the Call Of Duty status after my defection to serous BF4 gaming under the gamertag 'landed' on xbox - find me. Yes I didnt go for the last release as I got bored with them simply not changing the game enough. I need to make a call to I also switch to xbox one or ps4 before buying this game ? Next gen gaming is here but I love still my 360.

We are informed in the video ad that this is a remdelled COD not just tweaked and that is what we demanded and what stopped my and turned me to big map warefare and BF4. watch the trailer yourself.

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