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I wanted a container to dump shirts and t shirts that I like and want. Simple as that no editorial fluff - it's all just the shirts.

Cruise are a company that hold a lot of designer brands clothing online - take this tile pattern T for example. It's not cheap but I love it.

Dolce Gabbana T Shirt



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T-Shirts: Go for the Trendy But Comfortable Outfits

T-Shirts: Go for the Trendy But Comfortable Outfits

T-shirts are the only choice for women in the hot summer days. Wearing a nicely fitted tee with a trouser is the choice of most young women these days. T-shirts have become wardrobe staple for millions of the population. Though style and fashion sense of one woman varies from the other, yet they express similar desire when it is about wearing T-shirts for summer.

Varieties of styles are available in Tees’s collection. You will get Tees for all occasions – for a weekend party to a workday. No more of words. Let’s find out the designer tees available for you…

T-shirts are Unparallel Attire for Hot Summer Days



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Consumer Initiative with Weed T-Shirts

T-shirts are familiar to people across the world and are worn for a range of occasions. Some people prefer to wear them only for specific occasions such as birthdays, concerts, holidays, and parties. Conversely, other people prefer to wear them regularly and incorporate them into their everyday personal style. For fabric companies, selling printed T-shirts is extremely lucrative and brings in significant revenues. T-shirts are popular across a diverse range of age groups because of the comfort and style they offer. Of course, as T-shirts are available in different colors, sizes, and designs their multipurpose nature cannot be overlooked.

Generally, the popularity of wearing T-shirts is somewhat greater among young people as compared to older people. When certain colors like pink, yellow, orange, etc., are worn it is almost certain that the culprit is a young person, as older people generally prefer more generic colors. Although, all else being equal, when it comes to gender, boys and girls both enjoy the style, elegance, and comfort in wearing these colors. When T-shirts carry impressive art designs, they are coveted for their ability to bring about good social interactions. The designs are infinite. For instance there are graphical designs printed on T-shirts which are intended to conform to a punk and freak look. There are also religious idols representing one’s beliefs. Finally certain designs are simply intended to make a statement about one’s tastes and preferences. Thus, it is the job of T-shirt printing companies to produce creative art designs by understanding what the target consumers are really looking for.

As mentioned previously, T-shirts are available in various sizes. Small, medium, large, and extra large are the industry standard, though T-shirt sizes in the global market may vary slightly. Depending upon one’s style, round neck, flat and v-shaped collared and collar-less T-shirt designs are available. With the ease of the internet, anyone can logon to the most reputed and reliable online dealers; these are shops that are frequented by thousands of buyers each day. There is theme specific T-shirts which illustrate burning issues in a way that makes people consider them from the designer’s perspective. Weed T-shirts are primarily worn by those who enjoy the Marijuana culture; though some just wear them because they enjoy the different designs printed on them. As the previous example illustrates, theme T-shirts speak about various cultures and issues in a way that spoken words simply could not accomplish. Hence, wearing weed t-shirts illustrates one’s interest in weed.

As a marketing strategy, t-shirts are often launched online by companies seeking to capitalize on trending topics, especially those that have become popularized on social networks such as Twitter. Companies are aware that once consumers discover that T-shirts are more comfortable than formal wear, consumers will purchase more of them and this in turn will boost sales. Usually, Weed T-shirts and shirts are sold seasonally or as part of some sort of special promotion. A good selling strategy is one that caters to the mindset of potential consumers. Offers and discounts are always words that consumers enjoy hearing, and sellers should keep this in mind. Selling these products at an attractive discount will bring in much needed popularity. Weed T-shirts and other accessories can get a good boost in sales if they are sold through exclusive discounts.

Funny T-shirts are also a potential market that is targeted frequently by producers. This is partly due to the fact that producers have found generous sales from controversial themes. However, depending upon the consumer tastes and preferences, these costumes may not always succeed. Although, Weed T-shirts are a popular theme that seems to be selling very well. These shirts contain tongue in cheek slogans and sayings that only those familiar with the Marijuana culture can understand. These shirts are extremely popular on college campuses as well as nightclubs and bars. In short, they are normally prevalent in places where people express their attitudes and opinions freely.

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