The Definition of a stylish car

The Definition of a stylish car

Stylish Cars

Ok so I wanted to do a blog about stylish/Super car’s and what the definition might actually be. I would imagine the majority of people think of Zonda, or Bugatti and Ferrari when you mention the term Stylish/Super cars. They wouldn’t be wrong as most of these vehicles would be described as “Sexy”, and faster than a thousand Gazelles. However I disagree with the stereotype, I want to talk about the possibility of a Transit van being “Sexy”, and I want to discuss my Fiat Punto being classed as a “super car”.

Most car enthusiasts will define super car as a very powerful, fast and sleek vehicle that’s price should be out of this world. The automobile should be of a rare variety and should only be in the possession of the elite classes of society. Lamborghini, Zonda, Ferrari, Bugatti, and McLaren are amongst the biggest manufacturers of high end sports vehicles. Most makes and models under these brands tend to have over 500BHP, and are fitted with American or Japanese racing parts.

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