Special Performances Only Seen in Myanmar

Like many people who go to a new destination, you probably want to see the popular sights and landmarks in an area, but part of doing things in style is seeing what makes a place truly special. With Myanmar, you can do that easily, such as going to one of the many special performances that are performed on a daily basis. Here is an introduction to some of your choices.

The Moustache Brothers

The Moustache Brothers consist of three men, Par Par Lay and Lu Maw, who are actually brothers, and Lu Zaw who is their cousin. The former trio had made their home in Mandalay, where the government put them under house arrest after they performed an “insulting” show at the home of Aung San Suu Kyi in 1996. Lay and Zaw even served 6 years in a labor camp for that performance.

Their performances, geared toward tourists, consist of slapstick humor, singing, and traditional Burmese dances and also act as mini politics and history lesson for the audience. Their act may not have changed over the years, but they feel, despite the change in government, there are still many basic issues not yet addressed.

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The Longyi: Myanmar’s Traditional Attire


By Marianne Comilang

Across the world’s myriad cultures, there don’t seem to be any universal norms in fashion, style, and standard attire. In some countries, for example, skirts remain the strict domain of women’s fashion. In other parts of the world, it is quite commonplace to see both men and women donning sarongs or skirts.

In Myanmar, the skirt, in this case called the longyi, is commonly worn by both genders as everyday attire. Ever since south Indian immigrants introduced the longyi to Myanmar in the 19th century, this sarong-like tube of cloth – worn floor-length and wrapped around the waist - has been the traditional mode of dress for many of Myanmar’s people.

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Ngapali, Myanmar: Luxurious Beachside Getaways in an Unspoiled Paradise

Ngapali, Myanmar: Luxurious Beachside Getaways in an Unspoiled Paradise

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is full of beautiful and diverse natural landscapes to enjoy. Because it has only recently been opened up to visitors, this Southeast Asian paradise is largely untouched by tourism. Traveling here, you can experience a tranquil getaway almost impossible to find elsewhere.

Although there are several pristine beaches with white sand and almost impossibly clear water to choose from, the best to pick for a pampered stay is Ngapali Beach. Not only is it easy to get to from other cities in Myanmar, it also offers the best luxury resorts that the country has to offer.

Amazing Ngapali Resort

An amazing retreat indeed, not only is this hotel located right on the most gorgeous beach in Myanmar, so are all the rooms. Actually, room is not the correct word. There are no guestrooms here… only private villas, each with its own seaside terrace and Ngapali awaiting you just paces away.

All the villas combine traditional decor with all the modern amenities. The Beach Front Suite Villa also has a sun lounge and the Amazing Suite Beach Front Villa, well worth splashing out for, is… well… amazing. It’s two stories and includes an open sea view Jacuzzi, an outdoor private shower (in addition to the one inside) and kitchen facilities for those who can’t be bothered leaving to dine in the delicious onsite restaurant.

Resort amenities include a restaurant, bar, outdoor swimming pool, billiards and volleyball. Bicycles, fishing boats and golf clubs are also available and you will be close to the local course. There’s also a spa so when you’re tired out from all that relaxation, a yummy massage awaits you. While you may not want to leave the resort (ever), shuttle bus service is available to the nearby towns.

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