Capital food and drink great eating out in London

Capital food and drink great eating out in London

London is easily one of the most diverse cities in the world and this is reflected not only in the people you meet, the shops and facilities available, but also in the food on offer. It is one of the most exciting things about the city that you can walk down a street and find real global cuisine.

Finding good food in London is never a challenge as there is always somewhere new to try around the next corner. Whatever your preferred tastes and whichever corner of the globe you prefer the flavours of, you will never struggle to find great places to eat in this bustling, diverse metropolis. Not only can you find places that offer the kind of food that is your usual favourite, but there are also innumerable opportunities to try something new, whether on the advice of someone in the know or simply by walking through the door of somewhere a bit different to your usual eateries.

Asian Cuisine

One area of global cuisine that London is particularly strong on is that of Asia. This is, in itself, incredibly varied and interesting and always has the capacity to surprise even the most established Asian food fan. For great sushi central London is brimming with great restaurants that offer the elegant fish and rice dishes in the traditional Japanese way, on conveyor belts and with an open kitchen area. Elsewhere, Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine is abundant and so too is Chinese food, although with both of these it is usually worth looking a little bit harder if you want the authentic taste.

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Here are some top RAMEN restaurants to try in London

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How to Make the Best of a Layover in London

stopover in london

How air passengers with layovers at London airports such as London Stansted can make the most of their flying visit to the big city thanks to transfers and taxis.

Making the Most of a Flying Visit to Englands Capital

London is not only an exciting city, it is also a vast one and those landing for a stopover at any one of its several major international airports will need to be quick on their feet if they want to take in at least some of the cityys legendary sights such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge and the Houses of Parliament.

Which Airport do You Land At?

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Some interesting fashion while shopping for mothers day.

Selfridges Shoe carnival

Was out shopping for mothers day yesterday and got sidetracked as you can see. So took a few snaps and am here to share the love. Dont miss the Shoe Carnival if you like shoes in the megapolosis that is selfridges shoe carnival.

hoped you like those and its a bit past mothers day now still not every mother is classic girly girly so here is a great set of products for your mum maybe for the birthday now or next mothers day...



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How to Nail the London Look during LFW 2013

The excitement kicked in on Friday morning when London Fashion Week finally got underway. With thousands of people thought to be attending the most notorious event in the fashion industry, LFW 2013 is certain to bigger and better than ever. As fashion designers prepare to approach the catwalk with their most recent collections, plenty of celebrities, press and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world are expected to take their seats and enjoy the show.


If you are lucky enough to be attending any of the fantastic events scheduled in London this week, choosing the right outfit is crucial. As you will be amongst some of the most prestigious people in fashion, guests need to make sure they are dressed for the occasion. Whether you are a blogger, budding journalist or just have a thirst for fashion, showing off your individual style is highly important if you want to get head hunted. A lot of great opportunities can arise so make sure you are prepared!


If you are transporting from one venue to the next to watch your favourite shows, you may want to wear a jacket to ensure you stay warm throughout the day. With spring just around the corner, try incorporating some bold colours into your ensemble to help make your outfit pop! Hybrid Fashion stocks a classy collection of feminine designs that will bring elegance to your look. Spruce up your outfit further with a stylish clutch bag, head-turning heels and some statement jewellery.

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