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Getting Your Letterhead Printing Online

Whether you are an independent business owner or a member of a multinational corporation, your letterhead should be a major part of your identity. In many ways, a letterhead is as important as a corporate logo. It will be one of the first things your clients, potential clients and associates see on your memos and letters, so you should take the time to ensure that it is attractive, distinct and memorable.

Editors note : This is really good advice the confidance that a professional letterhead can inspire, emails are too easy and mostly ignored rise above the email until later in the journey.

There are plenty of printing services that can help you create a professional letterhead that will hopefully prove to be unique and memorable. Here are a few things you should be keeping in mind as you shop around for a printer to help create your letterhead.

First of all, while your letterhead should be memorable, it shouldn't be too complex. The key is to have a letterhead that is cost effective to print. That should be your first consideration no matter what printer you decide to go with. Make sure that your letterhead is also legible when it goes through a fax machine, something that is often more difficult than it sounds. Speak with your printing company about the best way to maximize your letterhead for faxing purposes.

A letterhead needs to work with digital as well as few tone faxes.

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