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Is the sentimental value of photo albums forever lost?

Is the sentimental value of photo albums forever lost?

Photo sharing nowadays is mostly done over the internet. Almost every photograph we take ends up on some of the social media. So, instead of intimate sharing dear photographs with close friends while sitting at the table, drinking a cup of coffee or tea, and commenting all those lovely moments captured in one memory, today we share captured happy moments with hundreds of people, and most of them we do not know well.

Book of remembering

Although we seem to forget, when we hold a photo album, there is some special feeling of nostalgia, intimacy, it is all about the memories and you know that that special “book of remembering” is meant to be kept forever.

On the other hand, when we look at the pictures on internet, we are more concerned about how other people are going to react on the appearance of the photograph, how many likes they’ll give to your clipping from time. And when their fifteen minutes of fame end among hundreds of Facebook news feeds, they are forgotten. Does that mean that the photograph as an object of sentimental value is diminishing in this era of image and information overload? Will we allow that? Wouldn’t it be remarkable if we try to save that culture of remembrance? Maybe revive it and redefine it?

Creatively reinventing the photo album

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