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Graduating this year? 5 Reasons why you need a leaver’s hoodie

Leaving school marks a rite of passage that should never be forgotten. It is a transition from one chapter in your life to another and is an occasion that should not be allowed to pass without some keepsake or memorabilia to remind you of the times you have had and the friends you may be leaving behind.

Leavers hoodies are the perfect memento and here are five good reasons why you should not be without one:

1. During your time at school you will have made friends and created memories that you will want to carry with you forever. Hoodies enable you to do this with ease, as you can have them printed with all the names of your friends and classmates and even some of the images of your time at school. Whenever you wear your hoodie or see it in your wardrobe the memories will come flooding back.

2. Leavers hoodies are more than just pieces of memorabilia – they are badges that identify you as a member of an exclusive club. Whenever you see one like yours in the street you will know that you have seen a friend or an acquaintance who shared a part of their life with you. And, who knows, it might be an old friend you have not seen for while or have lost contact with?

3. are stylish. You should have at least one in your wardrobe so why not make it a leavers hoodie. That way you combine a wonderful keepsake with up-to-date fashion that you can wear just about anywhere. They are also warm and hardwearing and go with almost anything.

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