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Luxury Bed Linen and Health – Where Comfort and Convenience Combine

There can be more to luxury bed linen than simple comfort. It has properties “lesser” bed linen may not have, beyond the fact that it looks good, or feels nice to sleep on and in.

Really luxurious bed linen is made from Egyptian cotton, which wicks sweat and moisture away from the body and so reduces the risk that a person can develop chills or aches during the night. It also keeps the sleeper cool when the air is warm and allows a passage of air current around the sleeping body.

In some cases, luxury bed linen may be more suited to sleepers who suffer from allergies. This is true where irritation is caused from the rougher surface of non-cotton bed sheets, or where cotton is mixed with a substance that fails to move moisture away from the sleeper (and so provides a breeding ground for microorganisms that may cause allergic reactions).

It should be noted there is also a direct correlation between the use of box sprung mattresses, and pocket sprung mattresses, and allergy reactions, This is because the buttons and dimples that demarcate the spring sections are very difficult to keep clean. Over the years, dust particles and microscopic bits of skin and dried sweat accumulate in this dimples and depressions – they may be breathed in directly, if they are puffed up into the air when the mattress is turned; or they may again create breeding conditions for tiny organisms and fungi whose spores can irritate the respiratory tract and nasal passages.

Frequent allergy sufferers may therefore find it advisable to switch mattress to a memory foam version, or to put a memory foam topper on the mattress itself. Memory foam has a smooth surface, into which particles cannot sink.

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