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IPL Players And Their Personal Connections!

IPL Players And Their Personal Connections!

The latest news is that Laxmipathy Balaji, Tamil Nadu’s speedster cricketer and Indian pacer and model Priya Thalur, his girlfriend are to exchange rings and get engaged during the week. At many of the social circles in Chennai, she is a regular face. To raise funds for children who are underprivileged, she participated in a marathon event recently.

Latest News On Players And Their Partners

It is not only the 31 year old Balaji, but there are many other cricketers from India who are building partnership that are of the permanent kind. Yusuf Pathan and CheteshwarPujara have already got married respectively to their fiancées. Priya is a well known Indian model based in Chennai and at many of the parties and matches related to the Indian Premier League, she has been spotted on a regular basis. Since quite some time, Balaji has considered Priya as his very good friend, but it is only now that this has been made official. Now as Balaji plays for KKR-Kolkata Knight Riders, he will need a lots of lady luck! To play a great game at the cricket pitch, some good luck mixed with sheer talent is always required.

Cheering Up Cricketer Husbands

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