Personalisation of Gifts T Shirts Phone cases etc...

Personalisation of Gifts T Shirts Phone cases etc...

Technology today allows us to create some great products for gifts or just buying for ourselves. I am looking today at one such website tostadora !It looks at first glance like they mostly do T Shirts and the T Shirt is the obvious product that you can get your own design printed on but these guys take it a bit further. I Phone Case in point - pun intended, yes you can make a drawing and get it printed on a case. I think it's a great mothers day gift being of the moment.

So I might just add a few of my favourite designs that you can buy anyway as you may feel that you dont have a design to upload anyway or prefer to have something worked on by a pro designer.

SO lets look at some of my favourite T Shirts

Minions vs Iron man - see how you can add your text and in a choice of fonts here we made our own iron man vs minion vs style review !

Iron Minion

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Beyonce’s father’s day gift for Jay Z

Rumour has it Beyonce bought husband Jay-Z a new private plane. Well as with everything else with this highly secretive couple it’s all hush hush. The story goes that the new mother spent almost $40 million on a Bombardier Challenger 850. The media claim is that the Bombardier Challenger 850 has a flash interior including a cream leather living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and two bathrooms. Sounds more like an apartment to me.


jayz and beyonce by sugarnstyle-visuals featuring a haircare

Well what a happy father’s day it must have been for daddy to hip hops newest princess blue ivy. With such a lavish private jet, it’s like a home on wings. It seems like the world no longer has to worry about the joneses, keeping up with the carters is the new standard of measure. Beyonce and Jay Z are synonymous with the best of the best. So this new jet will fit in nicely with their things. Keeping up with the carters is their new friend Kim Kardashian. The splurge she made on Kanye West for his birthday is quite in line with this purchase Beyonce made for her hubby. I agree Kanye's new ride is no 40 million dollar jet but it will do. Beyonce has been seen hanging out with Beyonce when both their beaus performed recently. It’s said that the carters think Kim is a good match for Kanye, and Beyonce and Kim seem to be forming a bond. Well what better way to continue to build your empire than to let in the "right people". Beyonce and Jay Z are arguably the king and queen of hip hop, and with new baby blue ivy, their legacy continues. Let’s wait to see if the happy carter family, take Kimye (Kanye West and Kim Kardashian) for a ride in the new house....I mean jet!


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