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3D Movie Action!

This week I decided more action is on the cards, so what better way to follow up A Good Day to Die Hard and The Last Stand than to dive into another action shred-fest with the help of Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis in GI Joe: Retaliation which is described as 'Action - Adventure - Sci-Fi'.

I thought I'd go in with an 'open mind', but looking at the plot line, cast, and movie poster, a closed mind might be just as valid.  Seriously though, it does look like a lot of fun and I shall be adorning my 3D specs to get the full brain washing experience.  The review will be posted soon.

Apart from that scheduled piece of cultural enlightenment, I shall be meeting with Style Review boss, Calvin Crane, in London to discuss some exciting new plans for the website and also continuing my ashamed self-promotion of In At The Geek End

On that subject, there are some interesting rumblings in the world of book publishing regarding the self-publishing revolution.  Previously deemed insignificant, publishers are now shifting uncomfortably in their seats, as not only is the quality of self-published material improving, many titles are more popular than traditionally published works.  I will be writing more on this subject and letting you know how my experience with In At The Geek End pans out.


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