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Toddler clothes – 5 essential pieces

Kids grow so fast that they usually grow out of their clothes before they wear them out. This is especially true for toddlers who usually need the next size up within 3-6 months. So to save some money you could try to buy clothes that mix and match well and cover the essential pieces necessary for a complete wardrobe. The following is list of five items that work really well together. Before we begin it's important to choose three basic colours that can be worn together. These three can also be added to with the neutrals of black and white. I really like navy, green and tan for my boy, but choose whatever works for you. Going with whatever colours are popular in boys fashion at the moment also makes shopping easier.

Basic t-shirt
A basic plain t-shirt is always a good clean look. Finding plain t-shirts can be a challenge, but they are out there. In cooler weather these are great as a layering garment and in summer it looks great on its own. For a slightly dressier look put over the top a short sleeve shirt with an interesting pattern (see below).

Short sleeve shirts
This is where you cold spend a bit extra on something nice with an interesting pattern, but remember to stick within your three main colours. This will be the hero piece of your child's out fit.

Shorts or pants
Again stick to some plain pants without too much detail. This makes it easy to match all of the other clothes. Jeans are always a great look in pants, but be careful to choose something with soft fabric because most toddlers do a lot of sleeping in their daytime clothes. Whether you want them to or not, they have a tendency to fall asleep in the car or the pram.

This is another item that you could spend a bit extra on and go for something with nice detail. With the pants and t-shirts plain this will always match if you stick with the three basic colours. I found out the hard way that you also don't need to buy too many jumpers because most toddler don't sit still enough to get cold.

Buy good quality shoes even though they won't be worn for long. Little feet are very precious and need to be safe-guarded in quality toddler shoes. Choose neutral colours that match with the outfit. I always find tan or greys work well.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

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