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The Denim Phenomenon is Far From Over: 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Denim

The Denim Phenomenon is Far From Over: 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Denim

Denim is something that will never go out of fashion. We all know that fashion and trends are constantly changing, this means that the way we wear denim changes but it is still always there!

For 2013 and going into 2014, denim is playing a massive part in fashion and it’s what people want to wear. Thankfully there are lots of different ways you can incorporate denim into your wardrobe and even brighten up old pieces of denim that you already own.

Add Studs

If you already have a pair of jeans and you want to know how to bring them up to date then studs are perfect for you. There are different studs you can get although pyramid ones are probably the most popular. You can get hundreds of these for just a few pounds. They usually come with rivets on the back, so in essence you just pin this onto the denim where you want them to be. You can use these on pockets of jeans or hem lines of jackets or anywhere that can be seen and this will bring your denim clothing bang up to date.

Bleach Your Jeans

Bleached jeans seem to come back into fashion every summer. You’ll find that bleaching your jeans is much easier than you imagine and the good thing is that no matter what type of jeans you have you’ll be able to spruce them up with a little bit of bleach. In fact bleaching isn’t limited to jeans you can also dye jackets, shorts, skirts and more!

Brighten Up Your Cut Offs

Whether you have a pair of denim shorts already or you are cutting a pair of jeans into shorts, one thing you can do is brighten up the hemline. If you look at fashion blogs and craft websites you’ll see loads of inspiration on how to do this, although adding small touches like lace can really make a massive difference.

Make Accessories From Your Denim

If you have a pair of worn out jeans or a denim jacket you no longer wear then you should be thinking about what you can do with this rather than just throwing it away. You can make denim hair ties, wrist bangles and even things like denim head bands. Don’t worry if all of this seems too creative for you – looking online can be a massive help. You’ll see loads of websites that can give you fun, easy and exciting ideas on what to do with your denim.

Patch Work

One great way to brighten up something is to sew a patch onto it. So for example, if you have a dark denim shirt you can get a pale patch of denim from another item of clothing, cut it into a heart and add it to the jacket. This will cost you next to nothing to do, take minimal time but you’ll be getting use from two items of clothing that otherwise would have gone to waste.


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