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Remote Home Monitoring | Home Wifi Cameras

​Looking for an interesting present for someone you care about this christmas? Well technology has moved on and now we can monitor our rooms and the spaces we care about wherever we are. 

With an app you can record the footage to your phone with the ieGeek 720p HD wifi camera. Some of these cameras look very alike!

The Leshp monitor system is a great value product. Some small issues but its priced very good and the quality of the image is good. AKA SRICAM IP Camera.

Sricam again, it's hard to know which to pick.

Some of the features that you might not have thought about that this tech brings to your home.

Via an app, you can message the people near the speaker so you might be at work and see your family are home- yet another way to be connected. You can also shout at your new puppy to stop eating the sofa.

Night Time Surveillance

You can use the app to pan and move the camera live.

I would like to see more function that stores video remotely for a limited time if you need the footage, a thief could take the camera and memory card and if you didn't save the footage to your device because you were doing work ie busy then its usefulness is decreasing. Some do say that they detect motion then alert you via the app, need to know at this point that it would auto record to my device.

Also do you do 720p vs 1080p? This is a good question that we need to ask. The answer is that for most 720p is good enough if you are monitoring for pets and non security against intruders etc, if you are looking for an anti thief device then the extra clarity of the footage might lead to a prosecution as faces will be more recognisable.

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Friday, 12 August 2022

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