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In Search Of the Best Sounding Headphones

bose headphones

Headphones are one of the best gadgets that people use in day to day life. Most of the people that love to listen to music use headphones. Gone are the days that commuters speak with each other during travel- well somewhat. These days, you can find a lot of commuters on bus, train and also pedestrians in the morning and evening use headphone to get engaged in music and break up the journey. It isn't just music either it is also podcasts and talk radio. It doesn't matter about what they listen to but they get indulged in music of any form using headphones.

Quality headphones

Many people spend time listening to music on the go as it has become a habit. People of different age groups love to listen to music using headphones kids love them and they make good christmas presents for them because they look more adult. Good headphones give better sound and effects. Listening to music using headphones is quite an interesting experience as the original quality of music can be heard especially with noise cancelling which gets rid of everything else. Music is full of emotions and life and it can bring different sorts of emotions in a person- it can change your mood as we all know. Such music should be enjoyed using quality headphones- its a worth thing to spend your money on.

Sound quality and other features

Difference in the sound quality is the reason for choosing a particular headphone for most. There is difference between in ear headphones and out ear headphones and earbuds. The earbuds are the latest headphones with advanced technology for some of the best quality sound. The freshness of the sound, the sound levels, sound effects and many other major features are to be considered while buying headphones. Some headphones with a great sound can be found at a nominal cost these days as many excellent brands have arrived in the market with quality sound. You can always spend a lot as well like beats audio. But experts, advise consumers to buy headphones that costs at least above £250 . The fact is that most of the people don't know that low cost phones will break if you drop them. It does not matter about the sound, of course the sound quality will be nice but still it will break because of poor build quality. For that reason and because  you use them everyday spend as much as you can justify.


If you want a headphone that is fit and not prone to break easily and also has an amazing sound quality then you can use Westone.

The special Adventure series Alpha is released for this summer and it is one of the great headphone to choose. The design, creativity and the style of the headphone are awesome moreover the fit of the headphone is commendable.

  • The cord is woven fabric material and frictionless so you don't worry about snags.
  • Designed for loop over the ear ears and this is the exact way of wearing an in-ear headphone.
  • Sound quality is great and the puck style of the head phone is laudable as it protects the phone from smush and resists weather.
  • It can be replaced if there is any damage due to any reason.

Shure SE215

With thick cable this headphone is amazing to use and the longevity is assured. The headphone is resilient, and strong. It is one of the strongest in-ear headphones with amazing sounding. The headphone reviews a lot of acclaiming reviews from the users. Clean sound is the advantage and but bass is not like in other headphones.

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editor on Friday, 17 November 2017 17:22

I personally use beats audio headphones but wouldn't mind a change next time around. I think I would like a lightweight set for running.

I personally use beats audio headphones but wouldn't mind a change next time around. I think I would like a lightweight set for running.
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Friday, 12 August 2022

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