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Quad FPV Aerial Videography Bundles

My research has led me to the following:

The original discussion on dji forums:

Here is saying that the Phantom 2 is hard to beat, the all up package is around a thousand. But the flamewheels maybe will date less quickly than the Phantom. But the flamewheel needs to be packaged up and these guys offer this..

So I will look to see what the flameweel vs phantom 2 bundle could work out at.

399 + gimble h3 3d zenmuse - 249  +fpv set up approx 310 .. its coming out at almost the same. So the flamewheel looks like it could be a go. What does the thing weight compared to the phantom 2 ?

You would imagine its a lot lighter. The FPV setup must work through the gopro hero 4 black edition.

Approx 1000 including the fpv and everything..


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Saturday, 30 May 2020

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