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Popular Fragrances for Women’s Christmas Presents


Christmas is the perfect time to purchase a lovely perfume for the special lady in one’s life. Whether for mom, a girlfriend, or the wife of decades, perfume is a very personal gift, that when selected with care, can express a vast array of emotions all at once. Some of the most popular women’s fragrances are classics, but more lovely scents are being debuted every day. Armani for women, for instance, is a classic, floral perfume.

Choosing the Perfect Perfume

Choosing perfume shouldn’t be a task that is taken lightly. The process of choosing a scent that is complimentary to a woman’s image and personality, rather than overbearing, is of the utmost importance if the gift is to be truly treasured. Also, keep in mind that each perfume isn’t created equal. Some last for hours, while others may only last for an hour so per application. Consider the wearer’s personality when selecting, as well.

$1·         Fresh greens - These scents tend to smell of natural, somewhat earthy elements like leaves and the grass. This is a great, clean and vibrant perfume for the avid sports-lady.

$1·         Woody amber – These perfumes can include any number of scents, including cedar, amber and sandalwood. This is a versatile type of perfume with a very sensual quality.

$1·         Floral fruity – These perfumes are reminiscent of innocence. These types of scents are best worn during the day, and lend themselves to ideals of romance.

$1·         Oriental spicy – These perfumes often are reminiscent of natural scents, like amber, but they also have a flowery smell. Orchid, vanilla, musk, and even orange flowers make these types of perfumes very exotic in nature. They lend a mysterious quality to the wearer.

Armani Perfume for Women

Armani perfume for women is always an excellent place to begin the search for the perfect perfume. Armani actually carries several different variations of women’s perfume, but they are all beautifully scented. The original Armani for women is a floral fragrance that lends itself to the image of elegant innocence.

Chanel No. 5

Chanel No. 5 is an oldie, but still a goodie in the world of fragrance. Vanilla and jasmine are combined with May rose, Chanel is considered a timeless classic.


Shalimar is another female fragrance that is a proven favorite. It’s known for its romantic flavor, as it is thought to have been inspired by a love story set in the gardens of Shalimar.

Dior’s Poison

Poison is a sensual tonic that is both spicy and warm. Tuberose and coriander are melded to create a perfume of extravagant proportions.

Regardless if the woman being shopped for is young and on the romantic side or a sensual woman of mystery, there is a perfume created just for her. Armani Perfumes for women are a wonderful place to begin, as they boast many different scents. Other wonderful perfumes to explore are the classics Shalimar and Channel No. 9, as well as Dior’s Poison. There is certain to be the perfect Christmas gift for each and every lady in the world of women’s perfume.


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