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Pete Leong Does Photography Tutorials

Pete Leong Does Photography Tutorials

Lucky to find Pete Leong - I love that the videos are not too long well explained and easy to understand so I simply had to provide a shelf for these videos for you to enjoy and come back to at a later time.

How to shoot that magical waterfall.

I did not expect that an ND4 filter would be used in this shot so the point is to try to get a slow shutter speed to get the blur - of course tripod is a must. But watch the video for the full detail.

Not a shot for the beginner ? water splash shots.

I'm going to have fun next time I find myself with a handy fish tank on the side. I would like to see how my camera can handle this.

More complicated ND filter setups but what great results.

A filter that is actually graduated is used to cover the sky part and give it that effect is used here.

Long exposures.

​I think the idea is that you must darken the incoming light with a really long exposure time like 30s using such as a ND9 filter.

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