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Cool Style Tips For Winter

Winter is in full swing and isn't it getting cold? There are plenty of ways we can stay warm but why not mix things up a little to stay warm in style? Here are some of my tips of how to stay warm in a unique way this winter. 

Don't hold back on the scarf 

Wearing a scarf is something that a lot of men don't do because of certain stereotypes but I can assure you that this winter they are definitely in for men and those who don't adopt the use of one will regret it immensely. 

You can be as ambitious as you like with your scarf as a statement scarf will be sure to turn heads and get you noticed for all the right reasons. 

Try something new 

When it comes to headwear the styles seem to be endless but we always play it safe with a beanie or something similar. This year why not try something new and go for Ben Hogan or another smarter option. 

Don't be afraid to try something unconventional as you might just pull it off in style. 

Wool and Fur 

Wool and fur are perfect additions to your coat this winter. If you can find a nice black leather jacket with some black fur around the collar you will be onto a winner. Alternatively, a black denim jacket with white wool on the collar is also a great look. 

Suits and Jumpers 

Something that is becoming popular recently is wearing a jumper under a suit jacket with suit pants. This is handy as a tie isn't necessary and it retains its smart appearance. 

Accessories are key 

To look good and stay warm this winter you need to choose your accessories wisely. I would recommend some sturdy brown boots to go with turned up jeans. This is a look that is growing more and more popular and it is perfect for the winter months. 

Gloves are another feature that will help keep you warm and for these I would go for some leather ones which will be a great way to stay in control with the grip they offer and look sophisticated. It can also be acceptable to wear a casual jacket over the top of your suit jacket and this is a good look to adopt this winter as it looks cool and fresh but you keep an element of class.

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