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Ipad mini

Ipad mini


My husband and I are two adults but when it comes to iPad we are alike two kids who cannot share the one single precious toy. Well, this was the situation until a postman brought a brand new iPad mini into our lives!

Yes, it has been a little bit of an expensive online purchase on our side, but it’s definitely worth the price. First of all, it is much thinner and lighter (and of course smaller) compared to the regular iPad. Unlike the regular iPad, it fits perfectly into your palm and has the ideal screen size for reading. This mini iPad, which you can carry in your bag without feeling its weight, can easily become your favorite book, favorite magazine, favorite online game, favorite everything. Yes, it is a very light all-in-one technology!

Reading an e-book in any language is made a lot easier on an iPad mini since there is an embedded multi-language dictionary program, which is a perk of the new improved operation system. This definitely makes things more convenient for me especially when I go for a long flight or a bus ride. I just download the latest e-books in English, Italian or Japanese because I know that I won’t have to carry a dictionary with me in order to be able to read in all these different languages. This iPad mini instantly allows me to learn the definition of a word by just clicking on it.

I also prefer using iPad mini as an alternative to my smartphone when it comes to taking photos or videos. The relatively bigger screen, high resolution and the ability to upload the photos/video to iCloud with just one click make this mini device very handy.

The perfect screen size of iPad mini makes it the number one choice when you decide to watch movies during long trips without attracting the attention of any of your nearby passengers. I remember how I used to hate it when I tried to watch downloaded movies on the bigger, regular iPad and felt a few extra pairs of eyes on my iPad screen! With iPad mini there is room for only one spectator!

The touch screen of iPad mini is very easy to use. However, if you are one of those people who likes to use a regular keyboard, the small screen might present a problem for you. In such case you can always buy one of those not too expensive portable and foldable keyboards and use your iPad mini like a pocket size laptop! Personally, using such kind of portable keyboard helps me in situations where I am out and about and in urgent need of writing an email or sending a text message to someone.

So, in a nutshell I told you all the things I love about our new family member, the mini Ipad. At home, my husband and I are no longer fighting over an iPad simply because the new hot debate topic of these days is who would be the ultimate owner of the iPad mini!


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Saturday, 28 May 2022

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