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How to recognize a fake perfume

Fake perfumes flood the cosmetic industry each and every day, making it very difficult to differentiate them from genuine products. Their labels, packaging and other details look extremely real and unless you are very keen, you can be easily deceived by these fakes. However, there are a few techniques you can use to separate the fake perfume products from the real ones. This article shares some of these techniques:

The Supply Source

When purchasing perfumes, especially online, you ought to establish whether the supplier of a particular type of scent is an approved and genuine dealer. The genuine sellers will be more than willing to provide you with this information, thus verification will be a simpler process for you. 

Bar codes and Labels

Check out for spelling mistakes, label qualities and the type of printing used on the bottles. These will easily help you identify whether the perfume is genuine or not. Additionally, bar codes consist of exclusive information about a certain product and they cannot be easily simulated. Give them a closer look.

Packaging and Wrapping

Original perfumes have their own unique packaging and wrapping, which characterize each individual brand. Before purchasing, assess the cellophane wrapping, the materials used for packaging and the quality of the box. Fake perfumes normally reveal some amount of sloppy packaging, sub-standard wrapping materials and the packing methods will appear random and scruffy. Carefully examine the packaging for you notice such shortcomings.

Bottle, Lid and Cover

Just as the packaging and wrapping methods, the stopper caps, spray mechanisms and bottles used by genuine brands are highly distinct. Most of these are specially designed for a particular brand, and it may not be easy to imitate the more complex designs. Again, closely scrutinize the material used to produce the bottles, sprayer mechanisms and stoppers. They should be of high quality. If you notice that the sprayer mechanism is hard to use or messy, chances are that the perfume you purchased is not genuine. Authentic brands take their products through thorough tests and quality control measures to ensure that their end products are of high standards. Manufacturers of fake perfumes would not put too much effort into this.

Properties of the Perfume

Closely examine the liquid itself. If the liquid is cloudy, contains floating debris or some oil content, then the product may be fake. The scent of the perfume is also a good indicator, particularly if you have prior experience of the real perfume. Another essential property is the duration in which the scent of the perfume will linger. Fake perfumes will evaporate and disappear moments after they are sprayed into the air. 

Skin Reactions

Lastly, fake perfumes usually lead to an array of skin reactions, such as rashes and itchiness, whenever they are used. This is due to the fact that cheap ingredients are used to manufacture them, or they contain other harmful chemical additives. 

To conclude, remember that these techniques are not 100% foolproof. Therefore, for you to avoid fake products, only purchase from reputable stores and dealers. This way, you can be guaranteed that the perfume you purchased is authentic.

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