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How Could The Menopause Affect My Sex Life Adversely?

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We hear many stories of the effects of menopause of a woman's sex life, and most of them are negative. It is important however; to make sure that you are getting the honest facts about the symptoms and treatments for symptoms to answer the question of how menopause may adversely affect your sex life. The bottom line is that menopause can only affect your sex life as much as you allow.

Symptoms that interfere with sex

The most common symptom that interferes with sex are dryness and thinning of the vaginal tissues, resulting in painful intercourse for some women. In addition to this, some women report a low sex drive, depression, and hot flashes which can be extremely uncomfortable.

Hot flashes are also an uncomfortable condition which may cause flushing, red face, a feeling of being very warm all over and sweating. This can also cause a woman to feel less attractive to her partner. Low self esteem is also a symptom that may occur. When undergoing such life altering changes, many women need a period of time to deal with and adjust to the notion of aging.

Additionally, other changes which may occur are the natural aging process of the body. This may not apply to younger women who experience menopause very early in life. This is not common, but it does happen. Women who are 50 plus often experience changes such as weight gain, obesity and other health problems. These may also have an effect on the libido.

Treatments for symptoms of menopause

The most common treatment of menopausal symptoms is hormone replacement therapy. Menopause causes the body to massively decrease the production of estrogen. With a lack of estrogen in the body, some women experience symptoms that are severe and troublesome. Hormone therapy tricks the body into believing that it is still producing estrogen, which generally alleviates or eliminates embarrassing hot flashes, vaginal pain due to thinning tissues and lack of natural lubrication.

In addition to this, women who experience severe depression or mood swings should seek the assistance of their doctors or counselors. There are a few different treatment options available for this condition. Sometimes counseling and/or antidepressants is recommended to help out until the body and mind have dealt with this major life change.first

Emotional and psychological factors

Your sex drive may be on a roller coaster during and after menopause. This is due to the physical and psychological symptoms that menopause may have upon some women. Some but not all women experience feelings of depression, low self esteem, and grieving as this marks the end of the child bearing phase of life. Others are pleased at the prospect of not having to worry about unwanted pregnancy and/or remembering to take their birth control. Mood swings of varying intensity are also common. If they become troublesome, you may consult with your physician for recommendations about treatment plans.


If you enjoy a healthy and happy sex life prior to the onset of menopause, there is no reason for you to not continue enjoying this natural part of life. Any menopause related symptoms such as vaginal dryness and hot flashes are successfully treated. If you are one of the women who has been suffering in silence, then perhaps it is time to break your silence and get an evaluation from your health care provider.Maintaining a healthy sex life can help you to stay in good physical condition. It is after all, a form of cardio exercise. What it really amounts to, is that if you desire to have an active sex life during and after your sex life, then you definitely can. Although menopause does have adverse effects for some women, the symptoms are generally highly treatable, and it reduces what could be a tragedy, to an inconvenience.

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