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Go Rock That Micro Bikini, Girl!

Micro Bikini, Girl Micro Bikini, Girl

Summer is quickly approaching and ladies are preparing those summer bodies to be revealed to the world. As you know, summer bodies are made in the winter and we've been working hard all winter to ensure our bodies are beach ready. How are beach bodies made you ask? Beach bodies are made by a complete and total lifestyle change. As the holidays come and go, so does the will to work out and maintain healthy eating habits. We like to think about those summer months and how much we adore showing off our cute bodies in those bikinis. We work hard for them, so why not show them off, right? Not only are bikini's our thing, but we're also being introduced to micro bikini's, which are a hot item for the summer.

Micro bikinis are bikinis with much less fabric than regular bikinis. Micro bikinis have minimal coverage on the top and bottom, both. The fabric is limited; allowing for all your hard work done in the winter to be shown off while you're at the beach or a hot Las Vegas pool party. Micro bikinis do not allow for padding on the top. The top of the bikini is one piece of fabric which is much less than your average bikini top. As the top has much less fabric, so does the bottom. Mirco bikini bottoms have much less coverage around the hips; usually very low cut and do not allow for full coverage in the back. Unlike the traditional bikini bottom, micro bikini bottoms are more similar to thong or t-shaped (g string) bottoms. Julbie.com is a great resource for micro bikini's. They have a wide selection of colors and styles to choose from which will best suit your needs.

If you're deciding to sport a micro bikini this summer, you'll need to make sure your body is free of hair in all the important spaces. Many women choose to do complete body waxes for the summer to ensure all hair is removed without unruly ingrown hairs. We all know those ingrown hairs can be a pain and extremely hard to get rid of once they've arrived. Laser hair removal may be another treatment worth checking out this summer to accompany your micro bikini. One great thing about laser hair removal is that it will last you a long time, possibly the entire summer so you won't have to worry about shaving or waxing when you get ready to slip into your micro bikini.

If you're wanting to try out a micro bikini but you're worried you may turn too many heads, try a cute cover up to wear over the top of your bikini. Cover-ups can add a cute flair to your bikini and will make you feel less exposed if you're feeling slightly uncomfortable. You may want to flaunt your micro bikini at the pool or the beach, but you don't want to walk through your hotel lobby with it on. This is where a great cover-up comes into play. There may be families with children or elders present and having that cover up present will save you a few gasps and head turns.

Not everyone is excited about the emergence of micro bikinis, however, many women think micro bikinis with clear straps are genius. This can be coined as the "invisible bikini" because it's made with clear straps, doing away with tan lines. If you've experienced any time in the sun during the summer, you can agree that tan lines are completed unwanted. They take forever to go away and make it difficult to wear strapless dresses. I believe women will be rushing to the stores to get this "invisible bikini" look, especially if they spend countless hours in the sun at the pool, beach or lake.

Along with micro bikinis, retro and neon bikinis are very hot for the summer. As you know, neon hit the fashion runway and has taken off. Women are using bright neon colors to show off their style, then throwing in some retro just tops it off. Whether you decide on a micro bikini, a retro bikini, or a neon bikini, know that you can always rock a cute cover up with it, if that makes you feel comfortable. I believe summer 2019 will be the time for a lot of women to rock that micro bikini body that they've been working hard for all winter long. 

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