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Differentiate Between Real and Faux Sheepskin with 7 Aspects


Using an area rug in different rooms is perhaps the best way to incorporate a sense of vivacity in an otherwise dull house. Nearly all modern-day individuals admitted feeling an urge to create a warm nest, especially during the winter season and owing to being both sensually and visually soft, sheepskins help. Well, to purchase something genuine from a market that teems with fake products, please consider the below aspects.

1. Label

Scan the label to find out what exactly the concerned item comprises. When a rug is manufactured from a mixture of materials, and sheepskin is not in the majority, the label would not mention it.

2. Brand

Comprehensive research brings forth the brands associated with original sheepskin, and also the ones dealing faux. Be aware that some companies such as American Apparel, The Gap, Billabong, H&M, etc. carry both.

3. Pelt

Pull a wool fibre. If the hide was not tanned properly, the wool will loosen and come out of the pelt. Separate the wool carefully to observe the pelt. It must have an even texture with one or two scars. The sheepskin is not genuine in case there is a lattice backing material from which the wool is appearing.

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4. Insulation

According to the experts offering standard sheep skin rugs, the wool may be capable of absorbing moisture, but it also leaves a layer of insulated air. This contributes to the comfort quotient in all types of weather. Wool can take in dye without additional chemicals. Pour a little water, and touch the surface of the wool, which must feel dry or warm at least.

5. Fleece Texture

The sheep's wool may be slightly curled, wavy, or tightly curled, and this determines its fleece texture. If tanned, the wool often loses the curl but still feels soft, spongy, or fuzzy when touched. An authentic sheepskin's wool is exceptionally thick, and if taken out, it would produce curly, long, messy, and dreadlock kind pelt.

6. Plushness

When tanned appropriately, the sheepskin will be exceptionally plush. It will be porous and have rich suede-like texture. Fake sheepskin rugs, on the other hand, may feel soft to a normal extent.

7. Burn and Pin Test

Although you, unfortunately, need to buy the rug first for conducting the aforementioned tests, they save money in the long run.

Stick a pin through the lining of the rug. If it is faux, or in other words have a synthetic base, the pin will go inside easily.

Pull out two to three strands of wool and burn them. If the material is original, it will produce a smell same to that of burnt hair. But, if the rug is fake, the odour will resemble melted plastic.

Taking the aspects specified above into account will help individuals seamlessly catch hold of genuine sheepskins. Also, instead of focusing solely on affordability, contact a provider, who assures quality as well.

Post-purchase, remember to care for the rug. Otherwise, it would wear down soon. Read the instructions carefully to determine the acceptable methods- dry clean, spot treatment, or launder. 

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