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Expensive but Amazing Face Creams


The price of face creams are often decided by the manufacturing company, the ingredients added to the formula and the benefits expected of the cream. To many people some of these creams may look overpriced but will you rather go for plastic surgery than spend the amount required to pick one of these?

The creams discussed here are some of the best to use if you want a cream that will help you hide skin problems, moisturize, treat and brighten your face.

La Crème, Shiseido

La Crème Shiseido

Priced at £7,883, it is regarded as the most expensive cream in the cosmetic world. It is also known as Cle De Peau Beaute. It is made by Shisiedo, the Japanese giant in skin care products. Looking at the cream, it isn't difficult to see why it is this costly. The cream container has three platinum rings at the top and there are 30 layers of crystal. The ingredients are geared towards treating skin problems arising from environmental and hormonal changes. The cream is also a very good anti-aging cream.

La Prairie's Cellular Cream Platinum Rare

La Prairies Cellular Cream Platinum Rare

This cream is priced at just over £600 pounds. It is certainly not cheap but many people can afford to splash this amount in their face to make it look lovely, young and bright. The Cellular Cream Platinum rare has platinum as its most active ingredient hence the name. The metal is priceless and it has lot of positive effects on the skin.

Kanebo's Sensai Collection Premier Cream

Kanebos Sensai Collection Premier Cream

This cream is meant for individuals looking to hydrate their face and renew the cells. It contains Japanese seaweed extracts, Koishimaru Silk and Beta Carotene. At just over £380 it is decently priced.

Crème Royale's Orlane

Crème Royales Orlane

When it comes to treating complexion imperfections, Orlane excels greatly. It contains royal jelly and of course 24-carat gold which gives it the popularity. The gold works as an antioxidant. It is also priced under £400 depending on where you look.


Age Intervention Enlighten Plus from Jan Marini

Age Intervention Enlighten Plus from Jan Marini

If you are looking for a wonderful cream to combat the effects of aging but don't want to go above the £100 mark, then this is the cream for you. It helps the skin stay radiantly beautiful by repairing age related issues and moisturising the skin adequately. It is priced at a bargain price of £75 online from  The Apothecaries so get your skin looking glowing today.


La Prairie's Cellular radiance cream

La Prairies Cellular radiance cream

Priced at £370, this cream offers a great solution for hormonal changes and its effect on the skin. It is also a nourishing and moisturizing cream.

Sisley's Global Anti-age Cream


Ursolic acid and Vitamin A are the main ingredients in this cream and they are known for treating skin conditions and moisturising it. The cream is ideal for individuals over 30 years of age. The cream is priced at £280.


Orchidee Imperiale Cream from Guerlain

Orchidee Imperiale Cream from Guerlain

Imperiale Orchidee Molecular Extract (IOME) is the main component of this cream. It is an ingredient that helps in brightening the complexion of the skin and treats any problems that may arise due to age. This cream is sold for £240.





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