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Enhance Your Style Quotient with the Latest Fashion Jewellery

Enhance Your Style Quotient with the Latest Fashion Jewellery

Jewellery has always been a woman’s favorite item. The year 2013 has brought with it a unique trend of fashion jewellery and accessories. The latest fashion jewellery involves solid colors, shiny solid colors, stripes and animal prints metallic and bohemian looks. The accessories are bulky and oversized.

This year, the particularly hot accessories consist of shiny shimmering metallic. You would look stylish and up to date by wearing some glimmering jewelry, a silver bangle bracelet and a gold necklace with a pendant. You can also team up your outfit with various kinds of headbands. This article discusses a few of the latest fashion jewellery items to make you look glamorous and beautiful.

•         Headbands:

Headbands come in diverse styles, designs, shapes, sizes and prices. They are suitable for almost every mood and occasion. Here are a few types of headbands:

Basic Headbands:

If you are new at using headbands and think that they would be too bold, go for basic headbands. They come in hues like brown, gray, black and white. They can be worn with any dress code.

Scarf Headbands:

To look more fashionable, go for scarf headbands. They give you an edgy and extra-girly look. You need to carry them with grace.

Embellished Headbands:

These care quite classy headbands. They have small diamonds, silver and gold buttons, gems or crystals glued together. They present you a breathtaking look.

•         Necklaces:

Pendants are one of the most stylish and adorning fashion elements. You can find them with cute pictures of cartoons like a “cowgirl” picture or with tattoo-styled words. Shell necklaces are one of the most popular ones that you can get in beachside stands.

•         Bracelets:

Bracelets are quite charming and often incorporate the pendant ideas. You can find bracelets with nautical images such as wheels, anchors and crossbones or skull. You can get silver-linked bracelets which are quite stylish.

•         Earrings:

Earrings are found in a variety of styles. They come in white, red, black or a combination of colors. Girls often wear earrings in the form of hibiscus flowers or cherry cluster which look very sweet. You may also go for nautical stars teamed up with your bracelet and necklace, either matching to them or not matching.

•         Bangle Bracelets:

Bangle bracelets are usually sphere shaped and are worn on wrist. They are also stacked up in the forearm. You can get bangle bracelets in a variety of types. Some of them are:

Wood Bangles:

These are made of soft and high quality wood. They come in different designs like stone studded ones, imprinted and stocky. Faceted and tribal styles are also quite common.

Stainless Steel Bangles:

They are highly preferred by women of different ages. These are cheap, long lasting and fashionable.

Sterling Silver Bangles:

These are preferred mostly by international buyers. They are usually found in stone crusting, engraving and modern designs. These bangles are usually given a glossy and matte finish.


These are the latest jewellery items that are certain to make you look fabulous. Showcase your style sense by wearing a few of this stuff in parties and other occasions.

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