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6 design ideas for your new bathroom


Are you tired of your old bathroom? Is your bathroom always full of things you don't need but you don't know what to do with them? Do you have a lot of broken stuff in there that you no longer want to use? If you answered positively on all of these questions then maybe you should consider renovating your bathroom, each room in your home is equally important and you should act in such a way. You probably start your days in the bathroom brushing your teeth, and that is probably how you end them too. For a better-equipped and designed bathroom, keep reading and find out what you should do.

Remove unnecessary items

There are things in your bathroom that simply feel like they're excess in the space. If you have any item that juts out, don't keep it. Make sure to get rid of anything that adds a feeling of complexity or heaviness to the bathroom. This is important for any room, not just this one.

If you have a very narrow bathroom, then you should definitely avoid putting anything like this on the walls. For example, if you don't have a towel bar and you've set something similar on the back of the door. This could look pretty bad and tasteless. A much better option would be to have some built-in toilet paper holders or magazine racks.

Change the tiles

Your bathroom may look pretty bad if you've chosen the wrong tiles at one point. If that's the case, you should definitely do something about it as soon as possible. You should pay attention to the size of the bathroom and to the colour pattern when choosing the tiles. For instance, for a small bathroom, you should go for large and bright tiles – these will provide a sense of a bigger space.

While you're changing things up in there, you should also see whether some things need to be repaired. Make sure to check your tap and sink for any leakages or any similar issues. If you do find something suspicious, make sure to make all the necessary toilet repairs. With professional help, you'll know that everything in your bathroom works perfectly. At the end of the day, what's the point in having a nice bathroom if it isn't functional or safe to use?

Go for some creative storage ideas

There are just so many things that go into one bathroom. You need to have some space where you'll keep your towels, toilet paper, teeth supplies, makeup, cleansers, and many other things. Since there are so many things and so little space, you'll need to be a bit creative in order to get to the best possible solution. If you're creative enough, you could even create some DIY storage ideas.

You could go for any sort of storage space you can think of. With some hooks, you could create a storage space anywhere on the wall of your bathroom. Another great idea is to install some shelves. A cute and not-so-common space for these can be over the door. A storage ladder is another interesting idea that will make your bathroom stand out.

Pick the right lighting

Lighting is, in a way, a magical part of any room. You can manipulate the room completely with just this one component. If you've always dreamed of a larger bathroom, you'll be happy to learn that your wish is about to come true. For instance, cove lighting is a way to create an illusion of a larger space.

Another great idea that will give you the same result is installing some wall scones. With these, you'll have a chic bathroom and no one will ever notice how small it actually is, not even you. These two types of lighting will create the impression of a higher ceiling. If you have a narrow bathroom, then, the best idea would be to illuminate only one wall since that will create the illusion of more open space.

Go for a glass door instead of a shower curtain

If you really want to open up the room, then you should definitely forget about the shower curtain. Glass is a great material and it is amazing when it comes to expanding the space visually.

The problem is if your bathroom only has a shower stall since that will make it look smaller. However, if you take out another wall part and replace it with glass, you'll solve this problem completely. If you don't think the glass is a good option for you, you could always go for a clear shower curtain.

Pick room elements that fit perfectly

When choosing things for your bathroom, you should always keep in mind the size of the bathroom. If the things you get for your bathroom aren't in proportion with space, you'll end up with a pretty bad-looking bathroom. That is why the size of the tiles is so important.

The room has its own parameters and you can't change them. However, if you accentuate them in a wrong way, you could just show how small the room actually is. Once you realize how small or how big the bathroom is, then you should start choosing the right tiles, the right storage space, and other things you plan to bring there.


Even if you have the smallest of the bathrooms, the situation isn't irreparable. With these simple design ideas, you'll have a much larger bathroom without really expanding the room. 

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